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What is The Contingent?

Throughout history, humanity has banded together to protect their communities from imminent dangers. The Contingent crosses cultural boundaries and philosophies to bring hunters together against the dangers that lurk in the shadows and threaten to snuff out the light of civilization.

The Contingent

Divisions within The Contingent

Research and Development
Human Resources


When a Contingent agent gains access to Endowments, they can then buy a number of endowments equal to their status. Lesser endowments cost 1 XP each. Greater endowments cost 3 XP. When buying out of faction, this cost is increased by 1 XP. At status five, the cap of one endowment per status dot disappears.

R&D Endowments: Innovations
Logistics Endowments: Conditioning
HR Endowments: Pacts

Contingent’s Allies, Enemies, and Locations

Important NPCs
Important Locations

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It’s the job of the Storyteller to come up with scenes where the players have to make decisions fraught with conflict and danger. The Storyteller narrates a situation, then the other players say how their characters respond.

The Season 7 Storytellers are:


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