Hill Valley SC

Hill Valley is a small town that has recently seen a massive upswing in money and employment when Cloverleaf put their headquartered there. It’s located in the north west of South Carolina near Greenville. People have always felt like the land is alive; that the inanimate has a mind of its own and might become a little bit more animate if you ask it just right, or anger it enough. It is the birthplace of Jackson Carver, a recently assassinated presidential candidate with ties to Project Chimera and a mysterious entity known as The Patron.

With the intake of money and people, chains like Walmart have started to make an appearance, and many of the small shops that lined main street have shuttered their doors.

Places of Note


An advanced energy company and weapons contractor several miles away from town on a private campus. Cloverleaf is headed by Tom Michaels and is now a subsidiary of the Empire Foundation. In the past, it exploited the supernatural for tremendous leaps in technology and performance. Since Empire took over, the company is more humane in how it taps into various occult resources. Taking a cue from West Coast companies, the office features open floor plans, think rooms to foster creativity, and several gardens. There are also labs, manufacturing stations, and several advanced armories with free combat training services available to employees.

Tom Michaels
Senior VP in charge of Cloverleaf. Mr. Michaels founded Cloverleaf and got it to where it is today through a combination of ruthlessness, drive, and unconventional thinking. In 1987, he, Jackson Carver, Stan Wyldes, Susan Rourke, and Mike Black helped stop the Dullahan, a powerful faerie lord responsible for several deaths in the area. Seeing people he cared about, die, shaped his opinion of the supernatural. He believes that exploiting monsters for human gain is not only pragmatic, but actually a noble pursuit.
Tina Murphy
Head of HR. An extremely positive person involved in the higher levels of the company that likes to promote “fun” HR activities. Tina comes from Charleston, initially. She wanted to go somewhere she could make a difference, and the successful alternative energy company of Cloverleaf seemed like just the place. She eventually made her way up to the head of HR and learned some of Cloverleaf’s shadier actions. She was told it was for the greater good, though, and went along with it. She was in charge of Human Resources, not monstrous ones. Now that Empire has taken over, the definition of “human” has broadly expanded, and she couldn’t be happier.
Bob McCain
Head of Security. He believes in his daddy, Tom Michaels, and God, in that order. He doesn’t like all of these Empire Foundation people moving into the offices and labs, changing things with their new ways of doing things. Monsters are threats that should be dealt with forcibly, not be reasoned with. He wants to go back to the good old Cloverleaf days where monsters were captured, studied, and put down.
Jason Scott
Empire Foundation researcher in charge of anthrovore research. His current research project has focused on sanguivores i.e. vampires, as he believes that will be the most fruitful. Unfortunately, he’s a victim of his own success and has been promoted beyond his capability to succeed. Now, he’s involved in meetings, paperwork, and, worst of all, social events. He’s, now, deeply lacking in funding and assistants and has taken to stalling. However, he knows he’s one missed Form 97-A away from being officially scrutinized.

Granger’s Own

A mechanic shop owned by Mike Black, Taz, and Granger. Mike named the shop long before he met anyone from the Contingent, at the advice of Stan Wyldes, a psychic boy he grew up with. Attached to the shop is Mike’s second home that’s been taken over by his two new business partners. The shop does a brisk business both fixing things up, and adding interesting customizations. Some of their weirder additions have started to create a name for the place among people who know about such things.

Mike Black
One of the people that helped stop the Dullahan in 1987. A down to earth African American man who has dealt with adversity both normal and paranormal. Mike doesn’t really understand all the strange things that keep coming into his world, but he knows that this is what Stan wanted; and Stan and Mike always took care of each other. Stan’s death hit Mike hard, but, he’s pushed through that.


Tom O’Sullivan owns the bar Sullivan’s. When Cloverleaf became so successful and brought a lot of money with it, Tom decided to invest in his bar. He got an actual chef who updated their typical fried food fare with steaks, salads, craft beers, and wines. Additionally, Tom renovated the place with wood paneling, leather chairs, new fixtures, and more. Unfortunately, he hasn’t kept up with it. Little tears and nicks are speckle the place, and the smell of smoke hangs in the air.

Tom O’Sullivan
In 2002, Tom won $50,000 from the state lottery and used it to open his bar. He’s known to get a little wild at times, but he tries to keep the bar at a respectable level of crazy. If he really wants to cut loose, he’ll travel to the woods with some good ol’ boys and set off some explosions.
Sheriff Jason Christopher
The older brother of Eddie Christopher, a boy who went missing in 1987 (killed by the Dullahan and trapped as a ghost for decades). His parents took the disappearance hard, and he took care of them. His heart is in the right place, but he’s lazy and can be a bully.

Hill Valley Southern Baptist

A Southern Baptist church headed by Pastor Greg Miser.

Greg Miser
A socially conservative pastor who worries about the changing world. He thinks that the tried and true is tried and true for a reason. Individually, he’s nice to people, but his sermons lambast broad groups. He knows he doesn’t understand a lot in this world, but, he’s trying his best.

Shu’ Square

Named after Elizabeth Shule, a widow who donated much of her money and land to help Hill Valley prosper during the 1700’s. Cobblestone paths cut their way between green lawns and old oak trees. In the center, there’s a small lake that people like to fish in. Music tends to drift through the area, and you can hear old timers arguing over cards. Fireworks are set off over the lake for the fourth of July and Independence Day, and it’s only set fire to the trees, once.

Alejandra Espina
Allie has just moved to Hill Valley a month ago. She’s shacking up with some friends she met there. She has a street cart with artisanal coffees and silly balloons for children of all ages. She’s willing to give a psychic reading to anyone that asks for only five dollars.

Black Tire Mobile Community

A trailer park cut into “the wild woods,” this is the closest semblance of civilization to the Old Rourke Estate. The city’s lower classes, bohemians, and hipsters call it home. Life is a struggle as nature attempts to retake this area with kudzu, falling trees, attacking flocks of birds, and stranger things. Despite the sometimes ridiculous events thrown at them, people take pride in living here. When you get past the rusted gate, you’ll find goats, free wandering chickens, some smoldering bonfires, and a thriving community of terrible artists who work together to sell their stuff on etsy.

The Wild Woods

Several miles away from town is an area locals call “the wild woods.” Its precise borders are a point of argument, but you know when you’re in it. They say the area is cursed. You start to feel watched, and eventually, hunted. Wolves can be heard but there aren’t any other signs of them. Unwary people have gone missing when travelling through.

Old Rourke Estate
A broken down colonial mansion deep in the wild woods. The Rourkes lost it in the Great Depression. Since then, no one has been able to call the wild woods home. Much of the land has been seized over the years, however, nothing has been done with it. The various projects have fizzled under the weight of “accidents.” Sitting alone on the old Rourke estate grows a southern live oak tree, draped in spanish moss, named the Promise Tree. The tree sits in a fetid pool with broken cobblestone paths spiraling out from it.



ASI has a local resource in the White family. The husband and wife team of Abraham and Mary have a vast collection of books on the weird in their plantation era house outside Greenville and are eager researchers. Their current passion is the sketchbook of Stan Wyldes. He used to live in Hill Valley and his drawings depict the future.

They believe in good old fashioned southern cooking and patronizing the arts. The two have a young son, Aiden; and a room reserved for the ghost of Abraham’s dead mother, although no one has seen her. Other ASI people have commented on how they vaguely have an Addams Family vibe, with Aiden being Wednesday.

Abraham White
He lives for passion, sweet tea, and his family. He knows that his mama still watches him from the other side, and, sometimes, she gives him hints about what to do next. He owns some real estate which has kept him from having to get his hands dirty with labor.
Mary White
She organizes charity fundraisers and is frequently the talk of the town with her immaculate hair and clothing. She doesn’t like to mention how it’s all enhanced with a few charms here and there.

Empire Foundation

Cloverleaf is an Empire installation with Tina Murphy, head of HR, being the primary contact point for Contingent hunters.


The Union has a nearby active contact in Melissa Honeywell, a Park Ranger at Paris Mountain State Park.

Melissa Honeywell
Melissa loves nature. She can usually be found with a new friend she’s made in the animal kingdom like a misbehaving squirrel or a caterpillar climbing her hand. She treats the things that go bump like she treats a bear. It has its own space and as long as no one’s bothering each other, live and let live. However, if this becomes a problem, her trusty rifle can sort things out real fast.

Hill Valley SC

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