Products of Pure Evil

Product Name: Ümph
Product Type: Energy Drink
Slogan: Works Like Magic

Marketed to seem Scandinavian, this beverage is actually bottled in Minnesota. The limestone aquifers of Red Wing have long produced fantastically clean and refreshing water for Coca-cola products. Ümph’s secret ingredient (liquid mana) energizes the regular patrons who consume it. However, those with magical aptitude gain temporary powers after drinking it. This makes them easy to spot (as untrained magic users leave quite a mess in their wake). Once identified, the bad guys can track them down for their own nefarious purposes.

Product Name: Love & Spite
Product Type: Soap Opera

This highly popular television show sends back emotional responses via special two-way cable boxes. This energy is then harnessed for experiments run on captured Changelings. Many of the Products of Evil are advertised during this show. Love & Spite has an almost cult-like following of viewers who would do almost anything to make sure they get to see “their stories”.

Product Name: Athena’s Own
Product Type: Supplement
Slogan: Live Like The Gods

This new supplement comes in many flavors, the post work-out pick me up, the one-pill beauty solution, and the best selling study aid pill. These pills are positive and have no ill side effects for the consumer. They are created however by concentrating a by product of the promethean creation process. The factory has many different Prometheans doing nothing but creating more of their kind for the sole purpose of siphoning off their “Reagent” and putting it into a bottle. The extra Prometheans are then put onto the assembly line as makers or shipped off to utilize their talents in the world at large.

Product Name: ACE or “Adult Companions for Entertainment”
Product Type: Escorts
Slogan: The Perfect Companion

This product is only sold to the super rich and as such is exclusively marketed. Players would not see a commercial (unless they have Resources 4+) but might see one of these products in the home or workplace of a NPC that is obscenely wealthy. These are prometheans that have been specifically modified to be easily molded by and for the consumer.

Product Name: Fast Travel Transport
Product Type: Freight and Cargo Hauling
Slogan: Trucks that Transport

Simple trucks that transport products of evil to supermarkets near you. Nothing magical or strange. Drivers have no idea that their trucks contain anything supernatural.

Products of Pure Evil

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