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What is The Contingent?

Throughout history, humanity has banded together to protect their communities from imminent dangers. The Contingent crosses cultural boundaries and philosophies to bring hunters together against the dangers that lurk in the shadows and threaten to snuff out the light of civilization.

A year has passed since the Contingent derailed the Patrons’ plans to create Hell on Earth. The general public knows the truth about the extranormal, and hunters no longer need work in the shadows.

Unwilling to endanger their neighbors and families by being in the spotlight, the Union has gone back to lower-profile hunting methods, quietly passing along intel to the Contingent as needed. ASI and the Empire Foundation, seeking to insulate themselves from legal blow-back, have also discontinued their direct involvement with The Contingent—but not without sizable donations from Dr. Skaar, Elijah Sharpe, and other financial backers.

Now the Contingent has formed new chapter houses across the United States, including a headquarters in New York City. It operates independently of the old compacts, gathering reports of monsters, ghosts, and other strange occurrences directly from the general public.

Many of the Contingent’s standing members have relocated to the NYC, working together to continue the fight. One thing hasn’t changed, though: The Contingent is always in need of new operatives to join their ranks. Are you ready to step out of the shadows and carry the Vigil into the light of day?

Groups within The Contingent

Research and Development
Human Resources


When a Contingent agent gains access to Endowments, they can then buy a number of endowments equal to their status. Lesser endowments cost 1 xp each. Greater endowments cost 3 xps. When buying out of faction, this cost is increased by 1. At status five, the cap of one endowment per status dot disappears.

R&D Endowments: Innovations
Operative Endowments: Conditioning
HR Endowments: Pacts

Groups Allied with The Contingent

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Season 5 of The Contingent

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The Season 5 Storytellers are:

Eric A

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