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  • Interoffice Memo

    To: Field Agents of Contingent
    Date: July 1st 2020

    To New And Returning Agents,

    As you are all aware, these past few months have been a rougher transition

  • A Raw Deal Part 1

    Willard continued further into the trolls lair along a stone passage that was rough and unhewn. Travelling further away from the door Dr. Langston had barred open with occult runes, the further from the only light source coming from the lights

  • A Raw Deal Part 2

    Willard knocked and was given entry to Dr. Jane Singers office. Hed foregone the sweater he had taken to wearing in R&Ds laboratory, he finally started to acclimate to the chill. The two doctors exchanged pleasantries and Willard sat down across

  • Tonight's Top Story

    and for our top story tonight we go to Roman Hahn with a special report for you tonight as part of our series on Human Trafficking

    Thank you, Barbara. Two weeks ago, in conjunction with federal authorities, the New York State police in

  • Night of Her Life

    Co-Written by Kris

    The evening of her date with Catalina had arrived and oddly enough, she was actually excited. After the hunt was over she found a note in her pocket that read I cant thank you enough for freeing me, but Ill try if youre

  • Dining & Dragons

    There was a chill in the air of the laboratory that was made-up of converted flats in the top floor of the Ludlow. Willard had picked up the Haitian hed promised as a bribe to convince Dr. Singer to introduce him to the dragon. Willard knew it really

  • A Tale of Two Princes

    The vampires of New York have been silent for months, now they are asking for our help. We need to know more about their situation and what to expect now that the veil is back in place. Go find out.

    -V. Chastain

    Expectations: A Race

  • Over the Glowing Hill

    Okay, so, heres a weird one for you. Seems like theres a bunch of humans showing up at lets say, less-than-normal venues. They dont seem hostile, or even particularly aware of where they are. But they keep popping up

  • What's Up Danger

    NYC has had a stir of trouble in the last few months, as a relatively unfamiliar class of supernatural beings wreak havoc, or have it visited upon them. However, just as it is The Contingents job to handle and reign in

  • Evacuate the Dance Floor

    For the past few weeks several healthy, young adults have been found dead from exhaustion, and heart attacks. They each went missing less than 48 hours before they were found and toxicology comes back clean each time. Three more bodies have shown up

  • Howl (2)

    Ah, my illustrious guests have awoken! You are gathered here to partake in a contest most important, as potential initiates for our little club, or for your less unfortunate sport. The rules are simple. You and yours can win your lives by

  • Flesh and the Power it Holds

    Good afternoon. Recent reports of suspicious and unusual events have drawn my ear and I need the assistance of you all. We have received intelligence that secret raves have been occurring over recent months and the attendees are unable to recount the

  • Dial M

    Hey, things look bad. A Changeling is dead and it looks like a police cover up. Thats not the only murder lately to get special treatment if you know what I mean. Watch out, there are a lot of accusations going around and

  • Spook

    You have ONE unread messages. BEEP. H-hey, um, I was on a couple of weird forums and found you guys deal with weird stuff? My brother, hes acting really strange. Different. Well, not really

  • It Came From Camp Dread

    Hi there, is this Contingency Plan Temporary Staffing Services? Oh, well hello there, arentcha just a peach for takin my call. Im wonderin if you happen to offer security services? Ysee, I run a camp up here in

  • Nature's Second Course

    Hey, so. Um. Do you guys know anything about, uh, a pigeon? Like, a special pigeon. This little one-legged guy showed up on my window and hes not hey! hes not leaving me alone. I know, I know, birds of New York, but

  • Welcome Home

    Dr. Julius Hutton Shell, an occult novelist up until about ten years ago, is now the owner and operator of the historic Brambles Inn and Gardens in Potsdam, NY. It is a little outside of our normal range, but Mr. Shell requested our assistance a

  • We Appreciate Power

    So, Chastain called, said Jameson would be knocking on our door shortly, cashing in a favor. We need a few of you to handle this matter, stalling some supernatural goons working for some false God in New York. Itll be at the Javits

  • Bless These Wicked Hands

    Hey. Weve been listening to the police chatter and the social media and weve come across some extra weird stuff and its making the bosses all jittery. Weve had reports of people going missing and theyve been from all over New York. We talked with

  • A Simple Investigation

    There were 5 unsolved murders in the last few days all around the University, we know at least of the victims is a Changeling. The low boil of supernatural conflict is starting to overflow the pot,. With everything that has been going on, Vampires,

  • Call Me Maybe

    People are going missing, people go missing everyday. Usually though, their phones dont show up in random places around the city days later. Usually they stop posting from their social media accounts. If they were, usually someone would be able to

  • Night at the Museum

    People are going missing, people go missing everyday. Usually though, their phones dont show up in random places around the city days later. Usually they stop posting from their social media accounts. If they were, usually someone would be able to

  • Holding Out for a Hero

    Hey, theres not a lot of time to explain, but you gotta find Jane. Her Horror took her place and is now tearing the docks apart! Im not sure how, but that Hero that has been running around lately drew her Horror out. Id rather find Jane myself, but

  • Truly Outrageous

    So I heard through the grapevine that something weird is going on down at the K-Mart. No, like, literally the grapevine. All the plants down at the Starr Bar are acting up lately, and its got something to do with whatever happened when Jem

  • Season 7 Mission Summary

    Season 7 Summary of Willards Last Missions

    First Mission

    Dr. Singer sent us to investigate some odd reports including a sighting of a Troll. We met Daniel who was being hunted by a human, a hero, in West Harlem. We discovered his

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