The Contingent

Who's Hunting the Hunters?

Storyteller: Eric

You’ve been summoned to Vivian Chastain’s office. With no time wasted on introductions, she cuts to the task at hand.

“I selected each of you to undertake a mission of utmost discretion,” she starts, pacing the room.  "We have a problem.  Hunters are missing and we have no idea how or why.  They left HQ on finishing their debriefing, but never made it to their destinations.

“In front of you are their dossiers, with details of where they were heading and who they were. Family members are frantically calling about where their loved ones are, and we don’t have any answers for them. As such, I am sure you understand the severity of the situation.

“You are to find these lost assets, terminate any agencies hostile to our people, and report back your findings.  I don’t like to be caught unprepared, and this is pissing me off.   Now, get to work!”


Kenny Crowder
Gabrielle Ahern
Alexander Nolan
Fina Aquinas
Sir. Nigel Mulberry


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