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With concentrated effort Sir Nigel Mulberry, opened his eyes. Laying in bed, he tried to focus on the world above him. At this point in his life, hospital ceiling tiles were a familiar fixture. These were a bit different, they were covered with foam hexagons designed to absorb sounds. Nigel rolled to his left trying to take in the room. His right hand was caught, handcuffed to the bed. Light poured in from barred windows. Pain overwhelmed him, his mind interpreting it as green hues, followed by brown spots before blissfully fading to black dreamless sleep.

Dr. Julian Ekerot boldly approached the guard in front of the door to hospital room 2334, handing him the yellow padded envelope. “All the necessary precautions have been taken, Mr. Corbett?”

The stoic attendant handed NIgel Mulberry’s medical char to Dr. Ekerott. “All of your instructions have been carried to your exact details, while almost. We had to up the morphine dosage. Sir Nigel has developed a bit of a tolerance, given his history of pain and suffering. Still it may prudent to take some extra protection.” Devin Corbett extended a .45 to the archaeologist.

“I don’t think that will be necessary. I could hardly believe the reports that Mulberry was foolish enough to get back in the game.” Dr. Ekerot reached for the door, and then second guessing himself, and remembering a particularly embarrassing scar, accepted the pistol. Dr. Ekerot stepped into the room, mockingly singing “We’re only making plans for Nigel. Turning off the safety and adjusting the racking slide at “He has a future in British Steel …. Nigel’s whole future is good as sealed”.

Nigel awoke again, he didn’t have time to appreciate the painkillers were doing their job. “Young Julian, you shouldn’t have come. Still its touching to know you care. I was having the most wonderful dream, are you free Wednesday?”

“How disappointing to see you this way Sir Nigel, Hearing you were back in the game raised my hopes. Tricking our sacrifices into getting eaten by a lizard man, before the ascension could begin a cold but brilliant move. Finding one of Jack’s safe houses that we missed, even more impressive. I believed that our final encounter would be worthy of the legendary adventures of our youth, but alas you are still broken and enfeebled like the meat you are. I pity you. Let’s make a trade, I can arrange it so we can meet as equals once more. My benefactors would be willing to exchange a sample of the Elixir of Chay for the kaleidoscope. They will even release their hold on Corbett. We could die like Titans.”

Nigel tried to pull his hand free, shaking the hospital bed. “Kaleidoscope? What are you talking about? Sacrifices, you mean those kids from the University? I wasn’t fast enough to save them. Finding Jack’s safe-house was an accident. A cruel joke from fate. You’re wasting time, neither o’.f us has.” Nigel began laughing hysterically.

The laughter enraged Dr. Ekrot. He placed the gun to Nigel’s forehead. Finger on the trigger. “Lies, again with the lies. Just like when you swore you didn’t have the medallion of Bagdana.” With his off hand, he pulled the medallion out from under his collar. Proof an earlier victory against Eva and Nigel Mulberry.

“I didn’t have it.” Nigel’s hysteria simmered down to a chuckle.His free hand slipping to the other locked bracelet. “It was right behind your ear, just like she told you. It appears you never figured out how to make it work anyways. Thank God for letting evil be dumb on occasion.”

“The Kaleidoscope, now!” Dr. Ekrot’s finger was placed firmly on the trigger.

“Never. Put the gun down, if the kaleidoscope exists, its not what you think. The pronise land is a lie”

“Pity we could of been great.” Dr. Ekrot closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.

BANG! The smell of powdered gas and hexim, filled the room.

“Bloody hell, you actually shot me. Nigel deftly swung the now unlocked handcuff onto the suprised Dr. Ekrot’s wrist to his own and then rolled off of the bed, his weight pulling the wicked academic off balance onto the bed knocking over the iv in the process. Nigel then grabbed the syringe he had stashed under the bed and stabbed Dr. Ekrot in the gut. “Blanks courtesy of The Wundermarket Costume Shoppe and magic house. Please keep the rest as a free sample”.

Dr. Ekrot got to his feet pulling Nigel by the arm into the air. Both men being sprayed with blood from the open iv catheter.

The door opened, Corbett entered the room, pushing in Nigel’s wheelchair.

“But we had a deal”

Nigel, looked at Dr. Ekrot, pulling out the catheter. “Observe the hubris of Americans, they think all men can be bought at cheaply as they are. Remind me Mr Corbert, where are you from again?”

“Detroit sir, by way of Corktown” replied the valet.

Dr. Ekerot sleepily asked “What the fuck?” Dr. Ekrot’s eyes rolled into his head, and collapsed onto the floor. Taking Nigel with him. Nigel ripped the medallion off of Ekrot’s neck and reached it into the sunlight pouring in from the barred window chanting “”לשחרר את עצמך לגורלך.. The medallion crumbled to dust.

Nigel picked the lock on the cuff. Safariland was his favorite brand. He climbed into his wheelchair. “Corbett that’s another one off our list. I assume the appropriate law enforcement agencies and disaccreditation boards are on their way. Where to next?

Corbett pulled out his smartphone. “Back to New York Sir. It appears more Hunters have gone missing”.

“Destiny calls eh? Perhaps we can turn back tragedy at the dam. Still I expect its going to be a bumpy ride. See if you can requisition some of this fine morphine and a couple of cocktails.”

“Anything else sir?”

“Yes, open a file on John Miller, we may need to have him over for tea”.


John’s occupying the Contingent weight room, using them perks.

Visiting Hours
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