The Contingent

Once You See Him, Nothing Can Save You

Storyteller: Byerly

“Two Weeks ago, the authorities found a teen wandering in the Ramble of Central Park. This itself isn’t odd, but the kid was clearly troubled, dirty, and showed signs of exposure. Medical came to the scene and took the boy to Manhattan State Psychiatric Center. They found an old-style medical bracelet on his wrist, which was the only way we’ve been able to get his name Michael Fowler. Beyond a name, we’re still searching.

“With each passing day, Michael is more and more erratic and difficult to control. He’s drawing the same symbol over and over and mumbling about something coming to get him. He refuses to stay in any one place for long, becoming increasingly violent until we move him to a different room. The problem is, and the reason we’re calling you, is that the last 2 nights, the patients placed in Michael’s former room have gone missing…”

- J. B. Skinner


Eileen Fisher
Maddy Summers
Father Xander Court
Morgan Lindsey
Meredith Cohn


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