The Contingent


Storyteller: Cathy


The San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness estimates that there are 12,000 homeless people living in the city. Citizens are used to seeing them as they go about their business, but something is changing them—reports say they’re becoming more subdued and lethargic, and rumors are spreading that the government is lobotomizing people. Most people, though, barely give all this a second thought—they view these people as a burden, and wonder if this change is for the better. Fortunately, not everyone feels that way: The Emperor of San Francisco has left a note at Wilson’s calling for hunters to help him figure out what is happening to his homeless friends.

A Call To Arms! I request the assistance of my loyal foot soldiers. Several good citizens of our city have gone missing. Some of the missing have returned, and they are different. I fear they have lost their zest for life—their true essence. As Emperor of this grand city, I cannot stand by and let such a fate befall my people. Will you join me? Meet me at the Miguel De Cervantes memorial statue in Golden Gate Park this Friday at 20:00.


Eva Jimenez
Charles Powell
Doctor Mallory “Mal” Cunningham
Virgil Half-Dollar
Jack Mills
Desmond Mallory

Important Clues

  • The drug Usturanol is being pushed on the streets of San Francisco
  • Someone had been collecting homeless people in the city and bringing them to a lab owned by GesLab. The people were promised food, shelter, and job assistance in exchange for participating in an experimental treatment. In reality, they were having their souls sucked out.
  • Stella Buchanan appears to be linked to the experiment. An ASI team was sent to her home to apprehend her. The entire team was slaughtered.
  • All of the homeless people who had been experimented on now bear the three eyed mark.
  • Several chartered buses seemed to have taken people from the lab to an unknown destination.


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