The Contingent

A Plagued Journey

Storyteller: Cathy

A Plagued Journey

Hey everyone! I hope you’re getting this. I heard the Frequency is down but Ken said this was still a good way to reach out. Anyways, it’s me… Gina! I finally got a real paying gig for us here in San Francisco. We’re being asked to act as security against the supernatural for this super swanky party on the Queen Mary. It’s docked here in Frisco for some big anniversary celebration. They towed it all the way up here from Long Beach, can you believe it? Now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with The Contingent. Turns out the ship has a sordid past (sort of like yours truly). It’s rumored to be haunted – it was even on that show, Unsolved Mysteries! Remember that show? It used to give my little Tony nightmares! Back to the ship, as it’s traveled north, it’s been stopping in various ports along the coast. Something awful has happened every time it docked. Some guy was mangled to death, another lady was shot, and a kid has gone missing. You know I’m not okay with that! If you’re available to help, meet me at the Musee de Macabre in the Haight.


Becca Smith
Charles Powell
Desmond Mallory
Fina Aquinas
Gunther Behringer
Harry McCoy

Important Clues

  • There was a strange mold found on the bell
  • There was a bell from WWII on the ship that could control time. The bell was created by the Nazis.
  • The doctor involved in making the bell used The Patron as his password to store the required xerum to activate the bell
  • Stella’s house has a lot of ancient Roman influences in its architecture and décor.
  • Allie was somehow able to heal Harry and Desmond. After her healing, the three eyed mark appeared on their backs.


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