Trent Remington

Experienced hunter and Contingent affiliate


Little is known about Trent Remington, even among those hunters with whom he works most closely. Most of his known associates are now deceased, with the notable exception of Frank Wilkes. However, it’s safe to assume he has military or paramilitary experience given his knowledge of combat tactics, access to caches of weapons not normally available to the general public, and impressive track record for killing every mark he hunts down.

When Elijah Sharpe made a move to seize control of the Contingent by popular vote, Remington threw himself in the ring as a candidate as well, warning the other hunters that Sharpe’s leadership wouldn’t help them win the war against the supernaturals. He offered no reason for this opinion, but a few Contingent members have advanced the theory that the history of animosity between Remington and Sharpe goes back much farther than the founding of the Contingent.

Remington is as ruthless as he is efficient. He has vowed to remove any and every threat to humanity that he and his people encounter. He killed his associate Domino for leaking intel regarding Contingent agents to a vampire lord and feeding his fellow hunters the blood of his dark master in stirrup cups prior to embarking on hunts.

Character Opinions


While I feel he is honest in what he says, there is a bluntness that makes him appear very cold. After meeting him in Vermont, I would say that he sees things as an us vs. them world; us being humans only. Everything that deviates from that base is not to be trusted and to be eliminated as a threat to the survival of humanity.


Remington is a very effective weapon against the things that go bump into the night. However, I think his willingness to just kill anything he sees as dangerous makes him way too much like the monsters we hunt. I don’t think he ordered the hit-squad in Denver, but after Vermont I’m certain he wouldn’t hesitate to murder any of us that opposed him.


After working with two of Remington’s agents, I can’t think of anything positive to add, especially after the Detroit trip. We were given no information about what we were dealing with, which is dangerous. The key to a successful mission is being prepared, and some of us prefer to accomplish that with knowledge and research, instead of guns and a show of force.


Look, I never met the man himself, right? But his compadres didn’t seem so bad. I mean, Mossburg, I didn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, but he was un loco de mierda in the good way, so we got along well enough. Domino…shit, look, I really liked the guy. Now I know what he was, I don’t know how to feel about that, but it don’t change that I liked him. I can’t lie, though, both of them were the “shoot first, ask never” type, and if that’s the kind of guys Remington is hooking up with, that’s maybe a little more fuerza than I want to get involved with.

Trent Remington

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