Elijah Sharpe

President, Amalgamated Solutions International; de facto leader of the Contingent


Elijah Sharpe is wealthy and charismatic. A self-made man, Sharpe grew up in West Philadelphia, and attended MIT on a full scholarship. He has been trying to unite the disparate factions of the Contingent over the last year, facilitating communication among the hunters that Chester kept sequestered and walled off in his apparent paranoia. Little is known about his career prior to founding ASI (see below) and assuming control of the Contingent by popular acquiescence of its surviving members, but rumor has it that he was once a data analyst for the CIA.

Sharpe was recently featured in Forbes as their Philanthropist of the Year, praised for directing his assets toward providing better education to impoverished communities across the United States as well as in other countries. Elijah operates out of Philadelphia, PA from behind a front corporation, Amalgamated Solutions International (ASI), which boasts a huge complex downtown that takes up the better part of a 40-story building. On the surface, it’s a stable multivertical private equity group. Their medical lab is located on the 30th floor; Elijah’s office is on the 40th.

Elijah’s people prefer to subdue and/or sample every supernatural being they encounter to build databases of creature profiles—the idea being that the more the Contingent knows about the things they are hunting, the more hunters that will survive each mission.

Character Opinions


While I have yet to meet Mr. Sharpe, the impression left by those working closely with him is one of acceptance and curiosity of the supernatural world. My own conversations, and experiences with his teams have shown that while they are willing to eliminate malevolent threats, there is also an openness to communicate and work with supernaturals to come to mutually beneficial and peaceful arrangements.


Before I got into all of this mess with the Contingent, my job was to catch non-native animals that were being a pest and relocate them to their actual habitat. Catch-and-release, not kill. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the animal ended up in the wrong place and prevented it in the future when possible. Elijah seems to be like that. Study it, preserve life when possible, and keep dangerous things away from those that could be injured.

I don’t trust him. Plain and simple. There’s too much dirt. Between what happened on that boat and the stuff from Braxton,and then Chester’s statements about Sharpe’s past, I’m sure there’s a lot about Sharpe we aren’t being told.


My impression of Mr. Sharpe is one of curiosity, and trust for those in his employ. He is willing to use any/all resources available to him. He is very open and honest with the information he has, which has contributed to our success on multiple occasions.


Never been face to face with this guy, but I’ve worked with some of his people, and it’s a totally different vibe than I’m used to. I used to never ask questions or stop to look at the bigger picture. Now that I’ve worked with Grace and, especially, Natalie, though, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I wasn’t being a little too bloody-minded. Seems like Elijah and his people are more interested in why all the weirdos do what they do, and if there’s some way for all of us to get out of this alive. That doesn’t sound like a bad way to do things.

Elijah Sharpe

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