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With everything going on lately, I wasn’t sure if this was the best time for me to go on a mission. The past week at Aaron’s was exhilarating and fun but also confusing and painful at times. I was emotionally spent and not sure if I was up to leading a mission with a whole new set of hunters. However, in the end, I was glad I went. Not only did we block Dick Face from buying Alistair’s museum, we may have helped Alistair draw in some new business.

I met the new group at Coffee For the People, an indie coffee shop in the Haight. I love San Francisco. The whole city just has this vibe to it that speaks to me. But this is not a travel blog so let’s get to the new guys. Already waiting for me was Granger. He knows Grace, is ex-military and seems like a good guy. I was instantly relieved to see him because I had the feeling if shit went bad he is someone I’d want to have around. We were then met by Chuck, Richard, and two other guys whose names I never got. One was this total goth kid wanna be. I called him “Hey You” aloud but in my head he was EMO BOY. Then there was the Karate Kid, never got his name either.

I explained what had happened last time we were here and what I had heard was happening now. Then we split off to do some research (well I went shopping. Found some of the NuStar cosmetics I’d been reading so much about on the makeup blogs). They didn’t really find anything useful, which wasn’t surprising as that had been our experience last time we were here. However Richard did find that Dick Face was trying to buy the museum, which was NOT COOL!

We met that night at the museum. Guy was not happy to see us. I think he’s still bitter about Ed. Also, how does Ed keep getting all of these hot guys pining for him? I want some of whatever mojo he’s got! Calliope seemed relieved to have us there. She gave everyone the tour. Museum looks the same. Alistair replaced The Hands Remain with a copy of Crying Boy. Not much less creepy but at least I knew there wasn’t a homicidal child killing ghost waiting inside.

Alistair was gracious enough to leave the museum entirely to us for the evening. I though EMO KID was going to cream his pants, he seemed to be a huge fan of Alistair’s band, The Wanking Dead. He was trying to play it cool though. It was adorable. I’ve know how he felt. Probably how I felt the time I met Rick Baker. Before the employees left, Granger figured out that Kage knew what was really going on. He seemed to have a raging hard on for the female spirit who had been hung up on Skaar last time we were here. Turns out, he was the one who summoned all of these spirits back. Can you imagine being that hard up for a date?

Shortly after they all leave, the ghosts decide to come out and play. We found out the fem-ghost’s name was Akane and she seemed to have a thing for Richard. Poor guy tried really hard to help her out but it was to late. I think if she had gotten her way she would have taken him into the afterlife with her. I guess being fucked to death isn’t the worst way to go, but it wasn’t going to happen on my watch! Ol’ Fr. Janssen made another appearance and nearly burned Granger to death. Crazy Chuck ( I still can’t place where I’ve seen him before) ended up tackling him down a burning flight of stairs. It was ball to the walls crazy but worked. It helped us burn the anchors for him and Akane!

Then there was little Miss Joilet. The Karate Kid had cornered her upstairs in the gift shop. She had turned the whole place into a maze and we couldn’t leave. Karate Kid couldn’t catch her until Granger walked up, turned on the lights and BAM! there she was, pressed against the wall with a look of shock on her dead plastic face. They tossed that bitch straight into the ASI container. This seemed to block her powers and we were able to leave.

Which we did and went straight for the Home Depot. We’d nearly destroyed poor Alistair’s museum. Granger knew a thing or two about carpentry (he’s like Jesus!) and with his guidance we rebuilt the place before morning. Grace, if you’re reading this, get on that! He’s a keeper!

When Alistair returned in the morning he wasn’t very happy with us. We’d destroyed several of his exhibits. Even though we’d repaired the damages to the house, we can’t replace the paintings. However, we convinced him he shouldn’t sell to Carver because now he had all of this amazing evidence of the haunted stuff that had actually occurred there. Richard also gave him the strands of Akane’s hair we’d found. Alistair was super pumped to have real ghost hair.

We returned triumphant to our hotel. I was a bit wound up from the events and high on adrenaline because we’d succeeded without anyone getting shot. A few burns but no bullet wounds which is a win in my books. I dabbled a bit with my NuStar makeup that I’d bought, then showered and hit the bed. Maybe I can do this hunting thing after all!


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