The Contingent

Sound and Vision

Session 2 (Cathy)

To: The Secret Frequency
Hello, my name is Calliope. I work at the Musee de la Macabre in San Francisco. A group of you helped me with a demon we had terrorizing the museum last year. Well, I think it or something else is back. I was attacked by something when I was closing last night. I couldn’t see it, but it scratched me all up and down my back and arms. There’s been some other weird stuff going on too. I told my boss, Mr. Thorne, and he was hoping you could check it out before someone ends up in the hospital again like last time.

Hey guys, it’s Natalie! Found this message on the Secret Frequency and would love to help them out again. I could use a break from…things, here. Last time we were there, we dealt with some intense hauntings that could affect us living and breathing guys and gals, so be prepared for anything. Oh and Ed, I’ll tell Guy you said “Hi!” ;D —Natalie


Conner “Blackcat” Reese
Chuck Manson
Granger Simms
Richard Miller


The hunters met Natalie at a coffee shop in The Haight, where she filled them in on the situation. They did some research into local lore about the house and its previous owners. Once prepared, they entered the museum and identified a number of haunted items and ghosts. In the end, they banished, captured, or destroyed all of them, while repairing the substantial damage to Musee de la Macabre. Mr. Thorne agreed not to sell the building to an unknown buyer in a proposed business deal which was being brokered by the law firm of Wilson, Wilson, and Garner.

Major Clues

  • The hunters uncovered a link between Jackson Carver III and the law firm attempting to broker the sale.
  • In Sound and Vision, an employee of the museum had re-awakened the haunts in the place using a projector lens that had the Key etched into it.
  • Ghosts had come to life and were being bolstered as they wreaked havoc.


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