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Season 7 Mission Summary

Summary of Willard's Last Missions.

Season 7 Summary of Willard’s Last Missions

First Mission

Dr. Singer sent us to investigate some odd reports including a sighting of a Troll. We met Daniel who was being hunted by a human, a hero, in West Harlem. We discovered his friends Tom & Ely, twins, were also being hunted by a Wyld Huntsman. Despite our plans to sneak them out of West Harlem, we ended up needing to fight or elude both before delivering them to a safe house in the South Bronx.

Tracked the Troll sightings to Hugh L. Carey Tunnel. We ran into Rachel Winters and had a difficult talk with her and she was pissed off by one of the agent’s bluntness but learned a little about the troll Gurgh and got the impression Rachel might be there to kill the troll. We were able to find Gurgh and learned that Gurgh was actually Harvey Winters. We convinced Gurgh to stay in his Lair and convinced Rachel not to pursue him into the Lair. Initially we believe he was fae but learned that he had become a Beast.

Second Mission

Preya Johar, Contingency Plan Temporary Staffing Services, asked us to keep tabs on her sister who is dead set on attending one of these secret parties that are popping up around NYC. It’s been reported that attendees return having experienced memory loss without being aware that any time lapse had occurred. There has been no conclusive evidence connecting the memory loss to drug or excessive alcohol use. We arrived at the banks of an island and location of the abandoned Riverside Hospital that was established in 1854.

The party was either run by a figure named Riotous Fink that was benefiting from the wild party but likely not responsible for it. There didn’t seem to be any other Fey, Vampire or spirit presence, however, there were multiple encounters with ghosts.

Third Mission

A woman named Miranda left a voicemail at the HR Temp Office requesting we look into some very strange behavior from her brother, Hector. Investigating Hector we found an old radio that was repeating a weird message that one of our team could hear that said “We will not remain.” Miranda overheard Hector talking to his friends about picking up something and bringing it by later. The “later” turned out to be 2am. Hector came home and found us in the apartment. He was angry and impatient but seemed to have a strange emptiness to his emotions. When the weird message was mentioned he recognized it but reacted very poorly, so we ended up left.

We went back to R&D and did some research and learned about the broadcast signal the old radio picked up. It was for an old abandoned radio station that did children’s radio programming. The old station had burned to the ground, five people died in the blaze. However, the station was still broadcasting years later. A creepy Doll appeared in R&D someone bypassing all of the security. The Doll called themselves Echo and said “They” want to be again and want to remember and “They” want to have bodies.

We went to the radio station and discovered that Hector and others that had been afflicted as he was were trying to convert the radio signal to a cellular signal which would have ended up affecting many more people had they not been stopped. Unfortunately, the people who had been afflicted by the signal had been hollowed out by the spirits and became catatonic once the signal was stopped.

Forth Mission

Bagel pigeon delivered a note with an address to the McKittrich Hotel that was a place that did live performances, currently using the various hotel space to perform Macbeth. Giselle and Bagel pigeon were being pursued by a huntsman through New York, the Hedge, and the in-between place they were using to hide. The pursuit ended with Giselle, the Huntsman, and… Derek stuck in a stalemate, and stuck repeating the performance of the play. Our team had to figure out the weird rules of the unending play. We were able to use the rules to get Giselle and Derek out and deal with the Huntsman.

Fifth Mission

There were 5 unsolved murders in the last few days all around New York University. One of the victims turned out to be a Changeling. The heads of the supernatural factions were at each other’s throats accusing each other with most believing this was done by a vampire(s). Visiting the crime scene the changeling, Sally Hale, had been exsanguinated a week after her roommate, Barbara, had died in a car accident. A homeless man, Oscar Sanders, died the same night as Sally. The third surviving roommate was in pretty bad shape mentally and didn’t have a lot of information. There was a Ficus that was only slightly more forthcoming with information.

The case broke after finding Sally’s phone which showed alerts for check-ins from Barbara after her death. Barbara’s Diary mentioned Professor Cortney Hammond. We paid a visit to Prof. Hammond, and discovered Barbara had gone to her house and was still there.

We confirmed Barbara was a vampire and that the Professor had turned her. Barbara had been turned into a vampire and her injuries had made fighting the hunger more than she could handle. Cortney had cut ties with the vampire court and didn’t even know Dominic was the current head of the court, and arbitrarily decided she wanted to have a child and decided to turn Barbara with her consent. After deliberating we informed Dominic that a vampire did do the murders but the vampire was a neutral party and asked that Barbara be granted some leniency since she was as much a victim of Cortney’s decision to turn Barbara without her permission.

Sixth Mission

After missing a morning meeting Daniel and Gurgh bust into and alert everyone to what was happening on the docks outside of R&D’s Temporary HQ. A hero had attacked Dr. Singer’s beast and reality had started breaking down in the area around the Dock. Whatever was happening was also affecting the Beast’s Lair. The team had to travel through the interconnected lairs of Verloth, Jane’s beast, and an Acid Dragon before arriving in the Lair of Fenrir. Distracted by feeding Fenrir an agent arm (by accident…?). The horror was trapped by driving a dagger through its snout.


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