The Contingent

Riots and Government Control

Frogs chirp outside a small ranch house as the rain patters down on the roof shingles. Inside, a family sits in their living room, faces tense, staring at their TV as it fades from commercial back to the nightly news. The anchor’s somber voice cuts the silence.

“Good evening. We’re continuing our top story. As the Denver Riots are reaching day two, the federal government has issued mandatory curfews in several major cities, and is deploying the National Guard to attempt to take control of a scene being described as chaos. As many of you are aware, in the wake of the revelation that a group of werewolves were located somewhere in the Colorado region, thousands of protesters descended on Denver. One set of protesters, speaking out against the use of government forces against American citizens who were seemingly defending the local community, clashed with another group who saw the wolves as an abomination, carrying signs saying “man shall not lie with beast.” Nine people are dead and the violence still has no end in sight. When reached for a comment, the Governor of Colorado had this to say…”

The sound of the garbage bin outside being knocked over springs the family to their feet. Recently-installed floodlights blast their yard. After a long moment where nothing moved, the lights flick off. Unsettled, the family sits back down, occasionally glancing at the window.

“In other news, the FBI raided the Empire Foundation’s Manhattan office this morning, citing ethics violations and a threat to national security. Spontaneous demonstrations erupted that were dispersed with tear gas. Fourteen people were rushed to the hospital, but no one was seriously wounded. Dr. Adrian Skaar is wanted for questioning.

“Although the Empire Foundation’s tours of the supernatural have been shut down, you can still go to our website and watch the video where our very own Bruce Berman entered the labs. Berman will join us after the break to discuss what he saw”


The aftermath! The repercussions!

Riots and Government Control
barrelv JustinCase

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