The Contingent

New Killer Star

Session 2 (Melissa)

Hey y’all, I need a couple people to come check out something in Tennessee. There’s a little town there, Jericho Mills, and word has leaked through certain channels here that there have been several murders over the last month or two. From what we’ve been able to piece together, all of the bodies have been found pierced through their chests in a pretty horrific manner. My concern is that we might have some kind of vigilante vampire hunter out there. I’m looking to put together a team to go in quietly, and figure out what’s going on.Alex


Aaron Mathias
Charles Powell
Eva Jimenez
Josephine “Josie” Bennett
Mallory “Mal” Cunningham
Wayne Hodges


The hunters discover that the actual source of the murders is a unicorn rampaging in the state park as a result of NuStar Cosmetics’ dark practices. The team learned that NuStar was harvesting plants and creatures from a nearby breach in the Hedge. They rescued a dryad from the cosmetic plant’s greenhouse who was being drained of her essence by their scientists, infiltrating the facility with the help of a sympathetic botanist, who has now been relocated to safety in Denver.

As a reward for saving the unicorn, a fairy creature offered wishes to the hunters. They chose the following rewards:

  • Aaron asked for control of his dreams and visions.
  • Josie wished for Carver to be exposed.
  • Wayne wished to keep the Contingent hidden from any exposure as a result of Josie’s wish.
  • Charles asked for hair from the unicorn.
  • Mal asked the fae creature to carry a tracking device.
  • Eva, recognizing how dangerous it is to make a fairy wish, avoided wishing for anything.

Major Clues

  • The Cloverleaf cosmetic was NuStar. Its symbol was a star spiraling inward.
  • The players found that an epimeliad was trapped by Cloverleaf and turning the town into a faerie kingdom. Further, a unicorn smashed through, and was aided by a faerie named Cicuta. Players were allowed to make wishes through the Seelie unicorn, however, they all had monkey’s paw qualities.
  • They discovered that Carver had ties to the cosmetics company, NuStar, that was using extracts from the dryad as well as illegally-acquired or endangered flora from around the world and from the Hedge. Connections between NuStar and Cloverleaf, another business interest of Carver, were also unearthed.


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