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Musee De La Macabre To Be Resurrected

Article from Time Out San Francisco dated May 1, 2016

Musee De La Macabre To Be Resurrected

Alistair Thorne, the eccentric local rock star/entrepreneur has announced the closing of his occult museum La Musee de la Macabre. Don’t fear my ghost lovin’ locals, Thorne promises it will reopen soon and be better than ever. He wouldn’t divulge too many details other than he promises an interactive experience guaranteed to frighten even the hardiest of souls.

“There’s been some real supernatural activity here and we’re going to share it with the people. Right now it’s a secret, but when the doors re-open you’ll see visitors arrive in a frequency never seen by the museum before!”

We’ll see about that Mr. Thorne. For now, if you need your Thorne fix, be sure he check out his band, The Wanking Dead playing across the city.


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