The Contingent

Modern Love

Session 2 (Allie)

An urgent anonymous call for help has gone out to the Contingent. The contact says they desperately need our help and are willing to give us something very valuable in return. Could be a trap, or it could just be someone who’s scared. Who’s willing to go with me to check it out?Grace


Brandon Smith
Content Not Found: shandi
Keith Moye
Gavin Harper


The anonymous contact turns out to be Claire Carver, Jackson Carver’s wife. Showing signs of physical abuse from her husband, she explained that he had recently stolen a protection totem from her and traded it to a French crime lord in exchange for another unknown artifact. The totem supposedly prevents any damage to its owner, and Claire very much wants it back to prevent any further abuse at Carver’s hands.

Things go poorly at the crime lord’s estate, with Brandon falling victim to a supernatural iron maiden. Instead of attempting to rescue their companion, Gavin and Keith use the resulting chaos to steal the totem and escape. Shandi, who had been distracting the crime lord, makes her exit later, unable to save Brandon by herself.

Important Clues

  • Claire provides the Contingent with Jackson Carver’s upcoming itinerary for the next few months, as well as additional incriminating evidence.
  • She’s also wearing a particularly unique necklace shaped like a key, which she often touches.


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