The Contingent

Life on Mars?

Session 3 (Justin)

The Empire Foundation cordially invites you to our Manhattan office for a small, informal meeting with the head of our organization about a project that may or may not threaten the security of the entire world. Strange electromagnetic fields have been observed since the wizard school was burned down last year; innocent people are starting to exhibit odd behavior; matters are intensifying; and Dr. Skaar will rip apart the veil of sight that divides this world from the next to find the answers required.

Warning: in no way does this make you affiliated with the Empire Foundation in any official capacity. We neither know nor condone any actions you and your group may or may not perform.

-Samantha Whitehall


Alex Lathem
Charles Powell
Granger Simms
Heinrich (Henry) Shlykova
Josephine “Josie” Bennett
Mallory “Mal” Cunningham

Major Clues

  • In Life on Mars, Carver sent his operative to the Mage School which is still filled with ghosts.

Faction Goals:

ASI: +1 All
Learned that the bugs come from a void beyond the universe; that they hate humanity’s individuality; can’t stand love; and that they can find cracks to come in when there’s death and hate.

Empire Foundation: +1 All
They learned that the bugs were planning on transforming the electromagnetic field of the Earth and use humans as incubators.

Secret Frequency: +1 All
Tried to capture a bug alive, it withered in the containment, but they were snuffed out. However, an imprint was left of footage.

Union: +1 All
The players took massive efforts to prevent anyone from dying beyond their captors.


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