The Contingent

Journal Entry #755-A

An Excerpt from the Mathias Oneiric Study



DATAPOINTS: Sequence occurred in natural setting—forest, stream, nighttime, moonlight. Woman in white gown with dark hair approaches; expresses first curiosity, then fear; prompts me to run. Touches me as we flee, feels like grabbing a live power wire. Forest vanishes, landscape assumes barren appearance. Black monolith rises from ground. Winged animal/creature of unknown species/origin perches on monolith. Monolith spawns tentacles/worms which latch onto woman as we run. I continue to flee the creature/monolith. Bright light, warmth, loud noise occur. Dream sequence ends.

INTERPRETATIONS: Setting and woman are consistent with prior oneiric observations related to fae activity. Monolith visions may be connected to recently-leaked Empire Foundation case file. Follow-up with EF operatives has been initiated, but no responses were forthcoming as of this date. Winged creature is a recurring oneiric element over last two years and 1 month, approximately. Sensations near end of sequence may be indicative of a nuclear disaster. Have also initiated contact with outside consultants regarding any recent illegal arms trade activities.


barrelv deadeye2891

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