The Contingent

Case Assessment & Observations

written by Brandon Smith


As to be expected from a random band of kidnap victims, the team had a minimal degree of professional training as field agents. Despite the teams limitations, it showed surprisingly resilient and competent.


Doctor Adrian Skaar, Empire Foundation
I believe something is very wrong with this man. He had a half dozen people kidnapped to vie for his interest against Carver’s trained for field agents.

Skaar gambled with our lives and won; we succeeded purely by accident. I don’t imagine working with Empire will be a viable long-term strategy. Unfortunately, the Empire Foundation’s research demands and resources are too valuable to cut ties with the organization.

Forest, Empire Foundation
The man was intoxicated when we arrived but was useful none the less. All of us are alive right now because of him, but it came at the cost of suffering his presence. I’m uncertain if survival was worth the price.

Persons of Interest

Captain Mark Andrew & Ghost Party
The ghost appeared to Captain Mark Andrew and his doomed guest during the initial failure of the device. Others were victims caught up in the phantoms re-enactments. The ghost weren’t major players, but dangerous nuisances. Their names might be worth cash to someone.

Sarah Blade, Carver Agent
I didn’t interact with her, but her toughs shot us up pretty good. I’m not sure if the men in the cowls worked for her or not, It is possible that Carver had provided the shrouds that protection the men from the death radiation.

Carver is simply too powerful, but his people show difficulty dealing with untrained field agents. The muscle is dangerous in a gun fight but lacks the expertise to quickly track down relevant intel.

Recovered Assets

The device responsible for the deaths on the island since 1926, created a black pillar that was slowly consuming the island. During our escape, the device was destroyed, and some unusual diamond collected. I managed to retrieve Berg von Hamner Schematics and other documents ahead of Carver’s thugs.

I hate to think a device exists that would eventually pull the entire world into the land of the dead. I have trouble believing such a thing is possible, but from what I learned and the shared visions make it impossible to think otherwise. I could have gone insane; though, even insanity does little to deny the possibility.


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