The Contingent

I’m not quite sure what to make of the job and the group of people I’m hanging out with now. Natalie Allegro invited me to the Secret Frequency group general get together and afterwards invited me to help out on a job. I’m beginning to feel some acceptance of who, what I’ve done.

The majority of the group on the job didn’t bat an eye towards my appearance. There were a few however that insisted that the knew me. I politely demurred however by claiming, honestly that we had never met. It’s the truth but I still feel a bit guilty about it. Omission is still lying.

The temptress (I’ll cover the actual paranormal in a bit) did ask me point blank who I was and I felt compelled to answer but she stormed past, not waiting / expecting an answer.

So, this group seems to be a lot more legitimate than some of the others I’ve stayed with. They seem to be doing investigations in an honest fashion – actually investigating real things that happen.

The job consisted of an “off the books” assisting Natalie (hence by off the books = no pay ). Also the reason my handwriting is shaken from the cold and I’m a bit pissed drunk right now. Oh, the job – We helped a friend of Natalie’s to find out why an obnoxious smell was centered around her house and she was hearing / seeing strange things at night.

The long and short of it was that a super natural temptress of some sort was living next door and being used to influence, corrupt and in some cases kill politicians. We broke in when we thought everyone was gone; alarms must have been triggered as everyone came back and much fun ensued.

The fight consisted of a loony tunes dropping of a large block of machinary creating a great deal of blood/body splat. (For some reason it didn’t bother me as much as the pictures at my trial). Some gunshots ended up in the wrong places for those we fought against.

The most unusual thing I found however was that by placing my hand on a guys neck with the rage / emotion that I had at the time he essentially just became numb / frozen and easily disarmed. I was doing this from behind him so not sure what would have happened if he had seen me but now I wonder… who am I really now? What happened to allow me to do this? Is it just a fluke?

I did manage to capture some video of the temptress getting shot. She’s definately supernatural as she didn’t bat an eye when the side of her head made a circular hole for the bullet passing through. She kept right on talking even after 4 or 5 more followed the same way. Her attractive aura was fairly powerful (as well as her looks) .. I succumbed but it wore off after she was taken to one of the other groups. (Union? I think they said – not positive).

The Secret Frequency rewarded me for handing in the video with promises. "Oh – once you gain some techniques in this.. you’ll be able to do … " blah blah. They did give me a bit of coin for the video however so I’m not willing to write them off right away.


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