The Contingent

Operation Clean Sweep

Table 1 – Storyteller: Allie

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Dr Adrian Skaar and the Empire Foundation, nearly every last product from the Gestalt has been destroyed. With the “unfortunate” fires that burned down their school, we believe the organization has been severely crippled. Elijah’s contacts and one of my own have helped track down what we believe to be the last stockpile of malevolent goods. Dr Skaar, as the expert on these products, I’d really like to have you along on this mission. I need a small group to infiltrate the warehouse where it’s being kept and bring it into Contingent custody or, barring difficulty, destroy them once and for all.

Who’s with me to put a nail in the coffin of these Gestalt bastards?!? – Captain (Retired) Grace Valentine


Severance Packages


barrelv barrelv

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