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PLEASE READ: Here is the repository of journal entries and cases files that have been written by members of The Contingent.

If a player enjoys writing reports or journals of games, they will earn a Re-Roll to be used any time during the current season. A player can any number of rerolls banked at a time, and use no more than 1 per game session. The Storyteller is the last word whether a re-rolls is appropriate to the situation

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Time after Time
Season 8, Session 5, Table 3 Session summary

Agents: Angie (Paula), Tarriq (John), Nicholas (Eric), Nathan (Charles)

Get an email about some missing reports and performance review, and we need to go to the temp agency to make sure the I are doted and t are crossed. Tarriq does some manual labor for R&D (moving Generators and battery back-ups). Nicholas tries to rest his injured hand and takes some liquid courage. Angie does some meditations and then goes to R&D to look at what medical devices they have. Nathan leaves his place, and feels a tug around one of the sutures Meek helped close (and hear a voice from Meek saying “whoops guess I left a trail”, Then goes to HQ to do the paper work he has been back on and grab a cold iron knife for the fae bullshit coming his way.

Get to the temp agency, meet Debbie who called us start our meeting, then some mechanical monster tears out of reality, kills her and the rest of us, than Whim comes by, rewinds time and says she needs us to come earlier to help fix this issue.

We get back to the temp agency, a portal door appears and Whim urges us in. Whim looks exhausted. There is a tear in reality that looks like fraying fabric. She needs us to change some peoples fates to stop the demons tearing through. The issue is that too much paradox attuned people/events coming by the area the rift. There are strands of fate leading up to the events causing that will guide us. This is caused by mages being too reckless with their magic. Tarriq is “gifted” the ability to see the threads of fate and leads us to our next step.

Make our way down the road, seeing a guy at a hot dog stand who looks like Mitch Mayers. Tarriq notices someone who looks like his clone and the two of them starts to run and a chase ensures. The copy does catch up, starts to wrap around the other, and starts to try to beat the other to death, saying he took his life from him. Nathan tries to break it up while brandishing the cold iron knife; which gets the attacking Mitch’s attention on Nathan. We eventually are able to talk him down to fight us (while Tarriq tries to hide Fetch Mayers). Nathan and Angie tell him the Changeling Mitch that he does not need to kill his Fetch to find a place to belong, that he can get help to make make a new place. Before the demon rips out again, Tarriq notices some gremlins pulling on the Meek line on Nathan’s Brow.

A third time loop starts. A gremlin is messing with Derek’s desk, Nathan stabs the gremlin, and notices that it does not pop like fae should and notice a note about Derek is about to go on a date. We realize the gremlins are trying to get him to the temp agency office when we try to call him to talk him out of going. We grab Vinnie’s car to try to get to the office before Derek. On the way there we notice that a bunch of Gremlins and “mechanical roaches from outer space” suddenly appeared all around and on Nathan with one trying to bury into his head. Nicholas tries to get the roaches off of Nathan, Angie and Tarriq tries to get the gremlins off the car. Nathan tries to park ASAP before he crashes cuz burying roach or gremlins, and in his rush he throws Tarriq and Angie out of the car as he crashes the car.

Fourth loop starts. We make a plan to split the party so half can follow the new path (down to the armory) while the others try to better deal with the Derek. Nathan is able to pull the roach eating into stop eating into him and Tarriq tries to burn it out with a soldering iron. Nicholas and Angie decide to steal a tamden bike at knife point to get to the temp agency ahead of Derek. Tarriq tries to follows the thread on foot and Nathan on a motorcycle. Tarriq sees some gremlins waiting to jump the van we are following and grabs one as an improvised weapon to knock another two out. Nathan catches up to the van and knocks on the window and the driver just revs the engine. Nathan tries to clear a path through a gremlins as they cause vehicles to swerve out to hit the car. Angie and Nicholas try to talk to Derek to not go into the temp agency office, but he really wants to get his flowers that were delivered there for his date. Nathan tries to stop some bikers from cutting the van off due to gremlin influence and a fight ensues with them as the van passes by. The Van gets to a pond in central park and in it is Vinnie who is trying to dump the bodies from of other Contingent members into the pond. See a portal from the underworld open up with a raft of souls that includes those of the members Vinnie was moving and they revive.

New York New York
Table 1

“Hello, Agents. I hope this message finds you well. Currently there are several anomalies registering in downtown Manhattan. Several missing persons reports have been compiled for you to investigate, and a map has been provided with last known locations. Deputy Director Santarini has authorized… [Message goes to static and transmission terminates]

- The AI


Nathan Feuerkrieger
Angie Exler
Kenny Crowder
Nicholas Vorner

Peanuts and Crackerjack
Table 2

“So, I wanted to call this one in as a suspicious package, but Mayo said to get you guys instead. When I got to work this morning, I had a flight of- I dunno, it kinda smells like tequila. Anyway, it’s a bunch of shot glasses and they all say ‘Drink Me’ and I am absolutely not going to do that. But that’s what you’re all here for, right?”


Maeve Chandra
Tarriq Mashburn
James Wright
Nin Celere

Doctor My Eyes
Table 1

“Alright, we have a breach that needs handling ASAP. Some of you may remember a little, uh, incident with the Buss Station and a duck. Turns out, something from the hedge slipped in and has been trying to return. And it seems to, uh… have attached itself to Derek. More specifically, the lanyard he keeps his glasses on. I’d take a more explosive approach to containment, but I’d like to keep Derek in one piece.”

- Vincenzo “Vinni” Santarini, deputy director of Logistics


James Wright
Tarriq Mashburn
Nathan Feuerkrieger
Dr. Dawn Cartwright

Old Time Religion
Table 3

We’ve gotten reports of gatherings all around New Your, mostly they have been outside the city, but we got a tip from one of our sources that there’s one tonight. No one got too close a look at the others, but one of the reports describes it as being like an old tent revival. Each time one of them pops up, there’s bodies found the next day, burned.


Kenny Crowder
Maeve Chandra
Nicholas Vorner
Nin Celere
Angie Exler

James fulfills a Promise

Check List:


4 – Work Space – Woodshop – 4 hours
2 – Wood Planer – 2hrs
1 – Sandblaster – 1hr
1 – Project Storage Space – Medium – 2 weeks


Clamps, wood – Large
Dowels, various sizes
Glue, wood
Machine oil, lightweight
Pocket Hole Jig
Screws, wood, various sizes
Wood Moisture Meter

Purchase List:

Hardware Store:

2 – 80 grit rotary sander pads (10 pk)
1 – Acetone – quart
1 – Cotton shop rags – bulk pack
1 – Steel wool, bulk pack
1 – Super Blue cold bluing agent, 3oz bottle.
3 – Tack Cloth, 4pk
1 – Tung oil, 16oz
1 – Wood cleaner and wax remover – quart
1 – Wood prep – mineral spirits or similar – quart
1 – Paint Stripper, varies (optional, based on Porch Column needs)

Salvage Yard

1 – 2×6, approx match to door. 8ft minimum. No knots at centerline.
2 – Porch Columns, 8ft, no signs of rot or deterioration, symmetrical design from center if possible.

Work Log

Disassemble Door

  • On plank ends, mark all plank positions and orientations with permanent marker for later steps. Iron banding drill pattern very unlikely to be uniform.
  • Remove hinges, door handles, and other attached items from door surface. Retain hardware
  • Remove iron bands currently holding door planks together. Retain bands and hardware

Prepare Wood Surface

  • Using a wooden mallet, drive dowels to fill any holes previously used to connect hinges, door handles, and other attached items.
    • Do not fill holes used by iron banding.
  • Cut and sand dowels to approximate plank surface, slightly raised.
    • Z-Saw is preferred tool for flush cuts. Do not sand into surface.
  • Ignore oxide staining at this stage.
  • Use shop rags to thoroughly coat planks with cleaner and wax remover.
  • After 15 minutes as elapsed, use steel wool to remove all surface contaminants. This should also remove oxide staining.
  • Wipe surfaces clean using clean shop rags.
  • Wipe entire surface with wood prep using clean shop rags.
  • Cut porch columns into 4 30-inch legs. If necessary, remove paint at this stage and prep wood as above.
  • Move wood to project storage space until moisture meter reads wood has returned to a preferred level.

Prepare Hardware

  • Move all iron hardware to sandblasting station
  • Pour bluing agent into small disposable plastic container. Discarded food containers are ideal.
  • Pour machine oil into a small sprayer (ideal) or another container with rag (functional)
  • Prepare cloth-lined container large enough to hold all hardware
  • Using low setting, remove paint, rust, and other surface contaminants until bare iron is present on all hardware.
  • Immediately on removal from sandblaster, clean hardware with acetone
  • Acetone will evaporate quickly. Once gone, use a small brush to coat all surfaces with bluing agent. Parts will instantly darken.
  • Spray (or very lightly rub) parts with machine oil and place in prepared container
  • Once all hardware is blued, move to project storage space. Oil should remain for minimum of 12 hours, 24 hours preferred.
    • Parts can be left in this state until reassembly.

Woodwork and Assembly – Day 1

  • Retrieve door planks from project storage area.
  • Run planks through planer until all at matching thickness.
    • Planing the wood arguably removes the need to prep the wood surface, but not prepping the wood will leave buildup on wood planer surfaces. Not best practice.
  • Using template from design, legs will mount via screws hidden by iron banding and dowels. Drill and countersink screw holes and dowel slots.
  • Pre-drill dowel slots between table plank edges.
  • Prepare assembly space for table – retrieve dowels, wood glue, iron banding hardware, and wood clamps
    • Wipe oil from iron banding if still remains.
  • Using wooden mallet, drive dowels into 1 set of matching dowel holes. Apply bead of wood glue and then use wood mallet to tap matching plank into snug fit. Attach iron banding in place to ensure holes still align.
  • Repeat process until entire table assembled.
  • Apply wood clamps.
  • Check for any glue ejected from the seams and clean while still tacky.
  • Return tabletop to project storage area for glue to set.

Woodwork and Assembly – Day 2

  • Measure and cut 2×6 to appropriate lengths for apron. Reserve scrap wood
  • Rip 2×6 plank into approx 2×3. Creates 4 sections to be used as apron between legs.
  • Retrieve table surface and again remove iron banding.
  • Attach legs using dowels and hidden screw holes
  • Invert table so legs now extend upward from work surface.
  • Attach apron boards between legs using pocket hole jig.
  • Use remaining 2×6 scrap to fashion corner braces
    • Be sure to place screws into each apron piece and the leg itself.
  • While inverted, sand any necessary surfaces, wipe with tack cloth, and apply tung oil with clean rag.
  • Stand table on flat level surface and check for level. If not level, adjust.
  • Sand table with 80-grit sandpaper to open wood grain for application of tung oil.
  • Wipe with tack cloth and apply tung oil as directed.
  • Tung oil will need approx 7 days to cure to the touch. Carefully transfer table back to project storage area and cover with dropcloth.
    • Use brace structure to keep drop cloth from directly contacting table surface.

Final Assembly

  • Retrieve table from project storage area
  • Reinstall the iron banding using original hardware.
  • Mount retained loop-style door handles to underside of table. This will make a inconspicuous place to store weapons in case of emergency.


  • All rags must be disposed of properly. Rags with dried tung oil are extremely flammable and are know to spontaneously combust under certain circumstances.

James thanked his fellow maker-friends for helping him lug the far-too-heavy table up the stairs and into his loft above the shop floor. He invited them back to his place later in the weekend for a gathering of friends to properly break in the new table as a thank you. He was relieved when two of them agreed, especially Scott. Now, he just needed to make sure his sandwich order with Amigo’s would get here without a hitch.

Standing back in satisfaction at the newly crafted table, a horrible realization sank into his stomach.

“Damnit! I forgot seats!”

Ask a Simple Question

(Author by Jonn P)

There was a chill in the apartment Tarriq shared with Ciena and Nicholas. Nicholas was out, Tarriq was searching through the fridge for something to eat, and Ciena poured the last of the cereal into a bowl. She gave him a judgemental eye as he remembered it was his turn to shop for groceries.

Tarriq was distracted by something other than groceries though. He’d put off the conversation he intended to have with his sister last night. Even after Riotous Fink’s advice despite the fact he had to record himself running from the cops to get it. He figured he needed to wait until the right time to talk to Ciena. He had no idea as to WHEN the right time was for going up to someone and asking Hey, your shadow is all jacked up, what’s the deal?

Ciena asked him to grab the milk while he was Up. He set the milk down on the table in front of Ciena, and mostly by accident Tarriq blurted out. “You know I love you, Fam.”

Ciena took the milk, giving him a quizzical look. “T-thank you for the milk?”

“No… I mean, you’re welcome. But, no… not about the milk.” Tarriq floundered for words he wasn’t prepared to say. “I’ve been worried about you Ce. A few things happened. At work, recently. That’s made me think about something that I’ve been worried about for a while now. ”

Ciena looked more perplexed. “You’ve got me in suspense here, are you going to tell me what this is about?”

“I mean like it’s… Fuckit, did you do something to your shadow?”

Ciena only showed a moment of surprise that Tarriq would have missed if it were anyone else but his sister, however, she recovered smoothly. “Yeah, I changed my shadow’s hair, thanks for noticing. Do you like it?”

Tarriq started to lose his temper. “Ciena, I know somethings up! I ain’t acting like nothing’s wrong anymore.”

Ciena replied with a calm flat tone. “Tarriq, nothing is WRONG with my shadow. You need to chill with the extracurriculars at your little drum circles cause they’re making you paranoid.”

Tarriq sat down in the chair across from his sister. "Yo! I’m being serious right now! Are you in danger?”

“There is nothing you need to worry about.”

“Did I do something, is that why you won’t talk about what’s wrong. Shit. Is it my fault?"

Ciena’s calm demeanor broke. “I told you nothing is fucking wrong with it, you don’t know how hard I worked to come ba-”

The heat in Tarriq’s voice faded when she didn’t finish. “Come back?”

“It’s…it’s not your fault. You didn’t do this. I did. I did what I had to do.”

Her tears were far too beautiful, but there was genuine pain. “I don’t want to remember. Please, I don’t want to talk about it right now. I’ll leave, if it’s too unnerving to be around me. I’ll move out. I just…I missed you, Tarriq. I did what I had to do”.

Tarriq was stunned. "I get that. Sorry, I pressed you about it. I just… I felt like you were here but I am still losing you. You know? And, I had to say something. Sounds childish, right?”

Ciena smiled for the first time. “Maybe a little childish.” With a more serious expression, she went on. “We’ll talk about it,” she added. When I’m ready.”

Tarriq nodded. “I don’t want you to go. I just want you to know I got you. For whatever."

Tarriq stood back up. "You look like you need a hug?”

Ciena feigned weariness. “Awe! This was a setup the whole time?”

“You want this hug before it goes back on the shelf or what fam!”

Ciena smiled as she stood up from the table, and they hugged each other.

Memento Mori Case File
Season 8, Session 2, Table 1 Session summary

Agents: Nicholas (Eric), Tarriq (John), Dr. Cartwright (Clarity), Nathan (Charles)

It is a Wednesday. Things have been uneventful for the last few days. Get a message around quitting time. Get a message from a Rat that drop a message on Derek’s desk and runs off. Tells us to come to the castle (Belvedere Castle) in central park for a meeting. We run some analysis to try to figure out what might have sent it, but all searches are inconclusive.

We make our way to the castle. Go in and while trying to figure out were to go, a rat crawls under a door, and we follow it down stairs to a dinning room. There is someone there who looks somewhat feline (BP as they are obviously not human). Their name is the Riotous Fink who had dealings with Revelry Inc before they went too death culty; is a “unique” hobgoblin. He needs us to acquire something, as an item is harder for him to get than information; the item should help to slow to increased death rate happening in the city. Wants us to get a top hat of a man by Jake Smith, rhythm guitarist of a band called R&R (group that showed unexplained mystical abilities, and dealings with current Vampire order to deal with supporters of previous order) and is apparently a Geist. Says that James has the hat with him most of the time except for during performances and there is a preformance on Friday.

He offers to answer an additional question we may have in exchange for additional favors; With Nathan asking: “What type of being is the fire creature currently being held by the Zookeeper that has mentally contacted me?”; Tarriq asking about what is up with his sister and/or her shadow; Nicholas asks about how the Angelina he met last session knows him; Dr Cartwright asks “What is the true nature or power of Dr. Delilah, who I met backstage of Good Morning NYC?”. He wants us to record something on our smartphones. Tarriq’s request is to be an image of him running from the police. Nicholas’ is to take a recording of R&R’s first song. Dr. Cartwight’s is to start a fight with a stranger. Nathan’s is to set something on fire that he (or anyone else he knows) does not own.

We go to investigate the venue on Wednesday night. Tarriq sneaks to the back; Nicholas, Dr Cartwight, and Nathan go through the front entrance to check things out. Notice some cameras on the bar and stage, some bouncers by the backstage door, and a balcony area for additional standing room. Nathan looks at the balcony area and determines that one is able to be able to watch the half of the first floor we most care about (stage, dancefloor, backstage door) and has a fire escape. Not many windows on the building. 2 dumpsters near-ish the back entrance.

Come up with a +5 plan of Nicholas doing overwatch, Cartwright starting a fight with a bouncer as a distraction, Tarriq sneaking backstage to take the hat, and Nathan starting a fire by the dumpster by the back to distract the guards in the back. Nathan goes shopping for ski masks and a replacement top hat and matchbook. Nathan is outside and sees the band arrives and unloads and also notices that there is a camera pointing by the back door; texts the rest of the group about this. Dr. Cartright starts the fight earlier than expected (GM cashed in Spooked) which ends with a glass getting thrown at the bar, breaking a bunch of bottles and she pays the tab she just caused. Tarriq is able to sneak in, but is noticed by the lead guitar/singer but they do not do anything. Nicholas is able to record the first song (though gets spotted partway) and starts to leave and gets escorted out as he leaves. Tarriq is able to find the hat and fails to bluff the opening act and grabs the hat in run. Nathan sneaks to a nearby dumpster to the building and starts an impressive fire. Tarriq hands over the hat to Nathan and runs past the cops who arrived and says something along the lines of “Hey pigs, I am the gingerbread man” and get to a back ally to escape.

We start making our way back to the castle. On the way, Nicholas and Dr Cartwright put the hat on and see a man with cleaver; and Cartwright interacts with it. We hand over the Hat: we get told about geists and sin-eaters (Geist is a type of death that gains power in the underworld that saves someone at the moment of death, they feed off the energy created/released at the moment of death; they have been building power for some reason over the last few months). We then show the videos of our misdeeds. Nicholas’ question: Angelina knows him from when they first meet, at a pier and ice cream shop (Nicholas remembers that was his first date). Dr. Cartwright: Delilah is a creation, the being within has the power; which we refer to as Infrastructure. Nathan: Creature is a phoenix, a creature of Arcadia; and that the burning of arcadia may be related. Tarriq: what is affecting his sister by some kind of hob or other fae-like being, and the shadow is that way because she created it that way to protect herself.

For putting the hat both Nicholas and Dr. Cartright get the Hunted condition.

Things Forgotten and Lost
An Impulsive Decision Reveals a Secret

As the bomb dissolved into a flutter of falling autumn leaves, James instinctively reached out to grab one. It burned so familiar and so foreign. Half-placed memories flooded through his mind.

The cramped space filled with the acrid smell of burning leaves, heady incense, and hydraulic fluid. The rest of the group felt a drop and fluttering in their stomach akin to stage fright. Before them, James had been … replaced.

The Ash Monarch stood tall and impossibly still, his back to the others. The broken and exposed porcelain automaton revealed a confusing maze of whirling ropes, spinning pulleys and sandbags moving up and down inside. Their movement seemed to defy space and logic and it felt like you’d fall in if you looked too hard. Another wave of fear washed over them.

On his head sat a crown, a thing of dull metal gears, woven with dead vines and leaves and bits of sharp and broken metal. Moths made their perch at the highest points. Slowly, and with great precision, the Ash Monarch reached up to place the smoldering leaf into the crown.

Turning his head to face the others, the broken edge of the creature reformed from new fragments grinding into place, keeping in line with the figure’s face. The sounds of cracking and shattering ceramics behind the figure answered the origin of these new pieces. He seemed to build and break as he moved. He looked almost like James, but bland and terrifying.

The moment seems to stretch into eternity before the shards of porcelain fell to the floor, shattering. Underneath stood James, looking confused and unwell. The smells and fear fades, but he still held the slightly singed leaf in his hand.


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