The Union

Union_mark.pngAlthough some of its members would like to be a bit more proactive, the Union is essentially reactive. If a monster doesn’t come onto a member’s turf, or it doesn’t appear to hurt anyone, it’s not worth the trouble. It’s a bit of a narrow view, but when you’re most likely balancing being a monster hunter with a day job and a family, it makes a lot of sense. Sometimes Union members take their vigilantism a bit further, dealing with human threats ranging from slashers and cult members right down to muggers and drug dealers. What matters most to the Union is if they pose a threat.


The following members of the Contingent are part of the Union compact


Completing any of the following three goals will gain a character one Compact Beat for the session.

  • Prevent the local community from coming to harm, either from supernaturals or hunters
  • Put yourself at risk to protect another
  • Must not violate their or the Union’s moral code during the session


Status in the Union provides the following benefits:

  • Status 1: Choose either the Fixer Merit as your character becomes more connected to the Union’s network, or the Small Unit Tactics Merit to naturally inspire a sense of group cohesion when situations are at their most tense and dangerous.
  • Status 3: When around the blue collar masses, your character can pull favors for sanctuary or immediate needs. This functions as a dot of Allies, Contacts, Resources, or Retainer that adapts to immediate circumstances. However, reputation is a fickle thing. This benefit disappears if you lose this level of Status.
  • Status 5: You gain the Mentor merit at the 5-dot rank, selecting one of the mentors listed below:


Amalgamated Solutions International
Stare into the face of the monster for too long and you’ll become the monster.
Empire Foundation
Science gave us TNT, which helps build bridges and bombs. They should keep that in mind.

The Union

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