The Story So Far

The Contingent is a secret organization based in the U.S. with connections across the world that combats supernatural threats to humanity. It was founded by a mysterious figure named Chester with the help of Trent Remington and Elijah Sharpe. Unfortunately, as it became more successful, it became more of a target.

A few years ago, The Contingent began bumping into something called Project Chimera. Through deeper investigations, they learned that it was a secret organization whose original goal was to utilize the supernatural for the betterment of mankind. Project Chimera oversaw the manufacture and distribution of a multitude of products, ranging from sunglasses that provide flawless night vision to pills that inoculate humanity from vampires. However, their goals soon changed, and its members launched Operation Gestalt.

Operation Gestalt marked a darker, more ruthless process of exploiting the supernatural. It is theorized that during the lead-up to this phase, an unknown supernatural powerbroker called the Patron infiltrated and subverted Project Chimera. One of the first actions of Operation Gestalt was to see if an aptitude for magic could be instilled in regular people. To that end, various children who showed such potential were captured and brought to an underground facility beneath Red Wing, Minnesota. Under the cruel supervision of that facility’s administrators, the children did, indeed, learn magic. They used it to kill their handlers and seize power within their branch of Operation Gestalt.

Various other powerful supernatural institutions infiltrated the operation and took control of other branches for their own ends: Umph was an energy drink that had the potential to awaken magic within some people, but could also leave drinkers comatose or induce horrid mutations. There was also a sexbot manufacturing scheme overseen by Dr. Berg Von Hamner, of which Lily is the only surviving specimen known to still exist. Contingent operatives also encountered worms that ripped into living people and turned them into zombies.

As the Contingent investigated Project Chimera, Operation Gestalt pushed back. Although, the Contingent successfully stopped many dangerous monsters, they also lost a lot of people along the way. This conflict came to a head when Chester was captured by vampires and killed on camera. At the same time, a devastating bombing of a residential building was blamed on the Contingent. From its near destruction, compacts within The Contingent formed to lead the fight: The Union, ASI, the Empire Foundation, and the Secret Frequency. These groups were led by some of the most successful hunters, with Elijah Sharpe of ASI overseeing their operations.

Last year, the Contingent began moving against Jackson Carver, an extremely popular third-party candidate supported by the Patron. Although a regular man, he had ties to the supernatural community, and had signed a demon contract in exchange for power. His machinations killed several Contingent members, and had others institutionalized and nearly lobotomized before they broke out. At the height of Carver’s popularity and power, he was assassinated on live television in Dallas, TX. Again, documents were leaked suggesting that the Contingent was behind the assassination, and the FBI began looking into its members. Six months ago, Contingent members also discovered that a cult worshipping the Black Star, an entity that called itself an ‘angel’, engineered Carver’s death because his demon deal had interfered with their plans for humanity. A team of Contingent members put the cult out of commission, and neither the Black Star nor its cult have been seen since September.

Unfortunately, the Patron and its pawns have worked tirelessly to cripple and destroy the Contingent. They’ve successfully dismantled the Secret Frequency, and several more of the Contingent’s operatives have been killed or gone missing in recent months.

The Story So Far

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