The Sept of the Clouds

The heart of the Sept of Clouds territory is a family farm that has evolved over time into a hippie like commune, where cannabis and organic produce is grown. The families of pack members and those who support the pack live in a series of cabins and communal buildings, ringed communal spaces, and a newly constructed wall. Beyond the wall are the fields, barns, pastures, and outbuildings, as well as homes for the workers who help work the land.

After several attacks by Hunters cameras have been added to the tops of the barns and outbuildings, monitoring the fields for intruders. A low electric fence around the property keeps livestock out, and if the circuit is broken alarms are triggered. Scarecrows around the fields watch with eerily aware eyes, spirits of field and labor anchored to them, keeping an eye for intruders for the pack.

In the very center of the land is the Hedge – a circular hedgerow the size of a circus tent that the Pack can use as a bunker in case of emergencies. It is also here where the Pack communes with Ysengrim, who sleeps in the ring just on the other side of the Gauntlet.

Most of Grand County is the pack’s territory, which includes several small towns, a county reservoir, mountain peaks and forests, and high prairie and foothills used for small farms and ranching. The Colorado River runs through the territory, but water rights prevent any of the locals from using it for intensive agriculture. The mountains, foothills, prairie, river, towns, roads, and farms feed essence across the Gauntlet to many varied spirits and courts, which often come in conflict with each other. While there are a few small towns and resorts that people live in year round, tourism is a huge part of the county economy, and outsiders visit year round, often bringing their own troubles with them.

Important Members

Dain Grafeldulf

dain.jpgDain’s piercing blue eyes observe everything, twinkling with warmth when speaking to his pack, but cold and calculating when watching a foe. Tall and muscular, with his long hair pulled back into ponytail or braid, Dain radiates power as he stalks across the Sept’s territory. Protective of both the pack and their territory, Dain commands the pack when they run their prey to ground and the battle begins, every member of the pack knowing where to be and when to strike based on his battle plans.

Ian Kincaid

148347.max-620x600.jpgWell dressed, styled, and manicured, Ian seems distant from his roots as the son of hippy farmers, but as far afield as his path has taken him, it’s always been to ensure the future of pack. Ian has done much to market the farm, and create a financial empire that ensures the pack is well cared for. When called to take part in the hunt, Ian uses his resources and connections to cut prey off from their support network, and Ian’s shadow twin occasionally runs with the pack when they patrol their territory or face down spiritual foes.

Forseti Torvald

bigman.jpgLooming over the rest of the pack, and most foes, Forseti is huge but silent, his throat a mass of scar tissue from a battle lost years ago. Despite, or perhaps because of, Forseti lives his life according to the Oath of the Moon, always showing respect to those weaker than him, and showing mercy to Uratha foes. Forseti has a close friendship with Leanna, and is well liked by the human and wolf blooded members of the pack. When it comes time for the hunt, Forseti is a powerhouse, terrifying foes with his ferocity and willingness to stand between his pack and danger.

Simon Davis

The somewhat geeky de facto communications specialist and tech guru for the Sept, Simon is a former sheriff’s deputy and private investigator, and a senior member of the Denver Pack. The recent technological security additions to the Farm are his work and he’s determined to prevent any other ambushes.

David Drake “Double D”

doubled.jpgGregarious and known all over the pack’s territory, Double D is the one who knows the names of everyone in town, and is happy to share local gossip over a beer. Among the pack Double D reminds everyone what they fight for, and what they stand to lose, a particularly sensitive topic for him since he’s married to Marissa and they have a child together. With his greying hair, goatee, and classic motorcycle he’s constantly tinkering with Double D looks the part of the aging biker, but on the hunt he’s a terrifying predator, scaring prey from their hiding places, his howls echoing across the mountain valleys.

Marissa Gardner

gardner.pngClad in flowing skirts and tanktops, the tips of her black hair dyed green, Marissa always has a distant look in her eye as she observes multiple worlds, and occasionally only Double D or Promise can bring her attention back to this one. Marissa bargains with spirits, creates fetishes, and leads the pack in the rituals that keep the territory healthy.


leanna.jpgLaid back and even keel in a way that only a young stoner girl can manage, Leanna seems to have become the defacto doctor for the pack. Her holistic methods mixed with a bit of fairy magic means the pack rarely has to seek medical attention outside the Sept. She owns and manages Tangible Dreams, a licensed Marijuana dispensary specializing in edibles and supplied exclusively by the pack’s crop. She’s very small of frame and finds humor in many otherwise normal things in life. She’s unwaveringly chipper and full of life. She and Forseti have an extremely close, almost familial bond of friendship and respect.

Victoria Simmons

victoria1.jpgDressed like a biker, and armed like a soldier, Simmons has a gun vault at the farm that she enjoys filling with ordinance. A former marine before the change, Simmons is a taciturn woman, with short black hair, dusky skin, and eyes always scanning a room looking for threats, weapons, and exit strategies. Simmons often deals with lesser threats to the pack’s territory on her own, only calling on the rest of the pack when something is beyond her skills, occasionally getting her in trouble with Dain when she antagonizes dangerous prey before the pack is ready to hunt. When on the hunt Simmons is usually kept in reserve, circling around prey, setting up an ambush for when the prey is run to ground.

Terry Keppler

sauce.jpgClad in leather, with numerous talismans and wards hanging from his jacket, and knives of various materials strapped to his legs, Terry is ready to deal with anything up close and personal. Terry’s long hair is a curly mess, often unwashed, with a beard usually in the process of growing in since Terry spends a lot of time in the wilds of the pack’s territory. Spending so much time away from the farm itself, Terry is able to gather intel on prey, ensuring the pack is well informed when planning a hunt, especially when hunting spirits or hosts. Marissa and Terry are close, sharing similar outlooks and eccentric attitudes.

The Sept of the Clouds

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