Semi-Organized Play Facts

The Contingent is modeled loosely on the concept for the Pathfinder Society. The players portray members in good standing with The Contingent, a large scale organization of Hunters in the Chronicles of Darkness setting. The Contingent investigates supernatural activity of all sorts with the purpose of keeping a close eye on the occult, the supernatural, and all things that go bump in the night.

This is a Chronicles of Darkness setting, with elements of Hunter: The Vigil, that utilizes a shared gaming universe and an interrelated story arc. This means that the games going on at separate tables will have clues relating to the overall story. We’ll be building up to a big finale at the end of the season.

Play will be divided into seasons, and the participating Storytellers set the story arc for each season. The STs will model their adventures around the story arc, building up to an exciting finish. Games will be one-shot affairs, allowing players to switch STs each play session. Each game offered has its own unique experiences. Each table will have a set number of players, usually 3 to 5, to ensure that all STs have evenly attended tables.

We are partnering with Event Horizon in Garner, NC to reserve space for two games, twice per month. This will allow for scheduled events twice per month for the players, while also giving the STs time to slowly unwind their creative ideas at a monthly pace, if they so desire.

Semi-Organized Play Facts

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