Season 3

Season 3 Sessions

Session 1

The Jean Genie

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

Let’s Dance

Session 2

New Killer Star

Modern Love

Sound and Vision

Session 3


Life on Mars?

Look Back in Anger

Session 4


The Hearts Filthy Lesson

Moonage Daydream

Session 5

I’m Afraid of Americans

Oh! You Pretty Things

Ashes to Ashes

Session 6

Marshal Inspiration (Live Broadcast)



I Can’t Give Everything Away

Central Recurring Themes

The central recurring themes we’ve been seeing are the Black Star, the Patron, the Fae, the Key, activity to do with the Underworld.


  • Skaar’s research was on stars moving between positions due to dark matter.
  • In Let’s Dance, the hunters retrieved the Black Sun Diamond. The diamond had a black sphere inside it with swirling lines inside.
  • In New Killer Star, the Cloverleaf cosmetic was Nu-Star. Its symbol was a star spiraling inward.
  • In Heroes, they went to Camp North Star. Its symbol was a star with a spiral of clouds around it.
  • In Changes, there is a telescope aimed at a black force hanging heavy in the sky while also not existing at the same time. Even more important, a Black Star image was scrawled over everything.


  • In Let’s Dance, the hunters saw a Key brand on Sarah Blade’s side.
  • In Jean Genie, a serum Carver was providing the Promethean with was in a bottle etched with the Key symbol.
  • In Modern Love, Claire was wearing the Key symbol as a necklace.
  • In Sound and Vision, an employee of the museum had re-awakened the haunts in the place using a projector lens that had the Key etched into it.
  • In Heroes, Chris Scott, the camp director had a Key brand on his arm
  • In Look Back in Anger, the Zookeeper had a painting of himself holding a large, glowing Key.
  • In Changes, they found that Carver was branded with the Key.
  • In The Hearts Filthy Lesson, Carver had a safe with an arcane ward placed about it. The ward required a Key.


  • In Look Back in Anger, the Zookeeper mentions meeting an extremely intelligent man he called the Patron in World War 1. The Zookeeper mentions introducing Carver to the Patron.
  • In Moonage Daydream, Mike mentions that Carver met someone who opened Carver’s eyes to there being terrible things in the world, and that most of Carver’s actions have been to protect humanity in a very pragmatic and terrible manner.
  • In The Hearts Filthy Lesson, a journal was discovered with several references to the Patron. Claire Carver gave the hunters a flash drive which contained a video. In this video, were several predominant figures from around the world. They were there meeting with the Patron, who was always just off camera.


  • In Let’s Dance, ghosts were caught in an endless cycle where they kept widening a connection to the Underworld. Carver attempted to get their machinery.
  • In Sound and Vision, ghosts had come to life and were being bolstered as they wreaked havoc.
  • In Heroes, there was a being made of dozens of spectral fragments being manipulated by Carver.
  • In Life on Mars, Carver sent his operative to the Mage School which is still filled with ghosts.
  • In Moonage Daydream, there was a Dullahan, a ferryman of the dead, that was running amok that Carver and his friends stopped as children.


  • In New Killer Star, the players found that an epimeliad was trapped by Cloverleaf and turning the town into a faerie kingdom. Further, a unicorn smashed through, and was aided by a faerie named Cicuta. Players were allowed to make wishes through the Seelie unicorn, however, they all had monkey’s paw qualities.
  • In Moonage Daydream, the primary antagonist was an unseelie Dullahan aided by the Sluagh.

Season 3

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