Season 2 Synopsis

Season 2 started with the members of the Contingent discovering that the Contingent Conspiracy was much bigger than just Chester. The characters meet other Compacts that work for Elijah Sharpe and Trent Remington.

Elijah and Remington brought their own crew of agents to assist with Chester’s collapsed cell. Aaron Mathias, Captain Grace Valentine, and Natalie Allegro work for Elijah, and Domino, Frank Wilkes, and Mossburg working for Remington.

The season ended with Elijah Sharpe being elected to lead The Contingent, but with much distrust and suspicion among the members. Domino’s betrayal and Jackson Carver‘s reveal of Remington and Elijah’s connection to Task Force Valkyrie make most of the membership nervous. Elijah’s rise to power doesn’t consolidate The Contingent, but instead new factions start to form.

Sessions and Writeups

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The Secret Frequency
Someone Has to Say It
Pre-Game Jitters
Living the Dream

Session 1

Operation Mortimer

It’s a Magical Place
A Game of Find the Hidden Mickey
The First Step is a Blue Slurpee


Elf-Wizards of Detroit
White People, Acoustic Guitars, and Video Cameras

Session 2

Rescue Mission

Laying It Out
While Ed’s Away
What, Why and How
Staring Out the Window
Everyone Has a Secret


Reporting In
Hammer Time
Passing thoughts on a man who would be god

Session 3

Picture is Worth a Thousand Souls

Keeping an Open Mind
Creepy Is In the Eye of the Beholder
Caveat Emptor
Kindred Spirits
Let’s Do Lunch
Hauntings and Epiphanies

George Escobar’s School for Training and Alternative Learning in Theater

Death of Innocence

Session 4

Smoke And Mirrors

In the Doghouse
Ah-woo Werewolves in Denver
Bad Moon Rising
Heroes Of Fur And Fang
Reap What You Sow
Girls’ Night Out
Heading Home

Operation Clean Sweep

Severance Packages

Session 5

Land Down Under

Science Can Explain Anything
Winging It
A Familiar Scent

Witch Hunt

Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch?
Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five-Pound Bag

Session 6

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

If I Should Die Before I Wake
Too Much Time

The Damned Swamp

Session 7

My Bloody Valentine

Short Leash
Big Wheel Keep on Turnin
You’re Not the Hero

All Aboard!

Allegro, Natalie Patient #237

Session 8

Loose Ends

We Need To Talk
Pound of Flesh
New Beginnings

Operation H.P.S

Season 2 Synopsis

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