Season 1 Synopsis

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Season 1 began with the mysterious Chester recruiting new people into the Contingent’s ranks and ended with Chester’s apparent death at the hands of one the Contingent’s enemies.


Dark Science
Energy to Spare
Field of Screams

Promethean Sex Dolls From Planet 9!

The People In The Walls
The Hunt for the Red Herring
The City That Bleeds
Welcome to the Death Star
Welcome to Littleville
Wolves of DC


Jackson Carver

Jackson Carver III is a dirty politician that gets tied up in Project Chimera.

Vampire Jack

Vampire Jack manipulates a group of Contingent members to do his dirty work for him, and then cons a second group to release him from lockup at Chester’s safehouse. Ultimately, Vampire Jack captures Chester and releases a video of him torturing Chester to death.

Operation Gestalt and Project Chimera

An evil organization that, at a minimum, was connected to the kidnapping of a number of children from Red Wing, MN. Also implicated in the illicit activities of Dr. Berg von Hamner and the secret facility destroyed in Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Idaho.

Product of Evil


A pill that prevents a number of sexually transmitted disease. It also seemed to have an intentional side effect of making the patient’s blood toxic to any vampire.


Found in various forms around the nation (and even in Mexico), but mostly centered in Red Wing. This strange energy drink seems to cause extreme aggression in teenagers, as well as violent allergic reactions. For a small number of the population, seems to awaken supernatural talent. The Contingent destroyed the bottling plant in Red Wing in attempts to thwart its production.

Glimmer Creme

Season 1 Synopsis

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