House Rules


Players must announce their Aspirations when signing up for a session and selecting a table. Until your character’s aspirations are listed, your spot at your desired table will not be saved. You’ll still get to play, but at whatever table has space.


We will use the optional rule: Beaten Down & Surrender from page 87 of the core rules.

We will use the Range Bands and Reload rules from Hurt Locker. They’re found on pages 129-131.

Compacts and Conspiracies

All characters are members of the Contingent Conspiracy and do not need to purchase ranks in Status to reflect this. There are 3 Compacts (called Divisions) within the Contingent:

A character’s standing in a particular Division within the Contingent is handled using the Status (Division name) Merit. Players will receive Division Beats which they can use to buy additional ranks in the R&D, Logistics, and Human Resources divisions.

In addition to the social bonuses specified in the Status merit, each Division gives specific benefits at certain ranks. Also note that a loss in standing with a Division may mean forfeiting these bonuses as well.

Division Beats

It’s a frightening and brutal world out there, but the reason the Contingent exists is to confront the horrors and mysteries of the world. Doing so can earn hunters additional beats based on the goals of the three Divisions within the Contingent.

During each session, accomplishing any of the goals on the Division pages will gain you 1 beat each, up to a maximum of 3 beats per session. Players are responsible for tracking these accomplishments and reminding the ST when they accomplish a goal.

Division Beats may only be spent to buy the following items: Endowments, Status: R&D, Status: Logistics, Status: Human Resources, and Integrity. However, for example, you may use beats gained for meeting R&D goals to buy Status: Logistics.

Season Character Limits

At any given time, a player may only have one active character within the Contingent. If that character dies, or the player chooses to retire them, they may introduce one additional character. There is a limit of two characters per player per season.

General House Rules

Conditions and Therapy Cards
If you have a Condition that resolves by gaining a point of Integrity, you cannot resolve the Condition by turning in a Therapy card. You’ll still get the point of Integrity back, but the Condition will remain until you spend XP to gain Integrity or meet one of the other Resolution conditions.
Obsidian Portal is Optional.
To allow the STs to have access to PC information and to facilitate ST/player communication outside the game, game information will be stored in Obsidian Portal. To help the STs, we invite everyone to sign-up register their own characters. This is optional and not required.
Adventure Logs Gain Re-Rolls.
If a player enjoys writing reports or journals of games, they will earn a Re-Roll to be used any time during the current season. A player can any number of rerolls banked at a time, and use no more than 1 per game session. The Keeper is the last word whether a re-rolls is appropriate to the situation.
Players are responsible for their character sheets.
Players will be given their character sheets on character creation. They will be responsible for keeping up with it and adjusting skills and characteristics as needed. If a character sheet is lost and the player cannot find the stats, then that character is considered dead for all intents and purposes, and counts against the 2 character limit. We encourage the use of Obsidian Portal to store copies of your character sheet to safeguard against this.
Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.
STs have the right to eject any player for their table who is engaging in disruptive behavior, inappropriately aggressive behavior to other players or other player’s characters, cheating and other behavior counter to the table’s enjoyment of the game.
Character gains are natural.
Characters can only buy 1 dot per session in merits with multiple levels.

House Rules

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