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I started roleplaying in college 15 years ago. I played White Wolf games nearly exclusively for the first several years, mostly in long-running campaigns (3 year Exalted campaign, 2 year Changeling the Lost campaign, etc). A friend introduced me to D&D with 4th edition and I was the Living Forgotten Realms/Encounters/Lair Assault organizer for Game Theory until 4th edition retired. Hanging out there got me exposed to Shadowrun and IKRPG, both of which I have ran as home games. Throughout all of this, there have been shorter runs of D&D 3.5, Mutants & Masterminds, HERO, Star Wars (SAGA and Fantasy Flight), Pathfinder, and Aberrant. I’m also a member of the RTR Call of Cthulhu SOP.

GM Merit Badges

  • My games will tell an interesting Story
  • My games can be Scary. A number of my games will be in the Horror genre. However,
  • All of my games use the Red Rule:
    • A player-controlled character can only be seduced or otherwise put in a disturbing situation if the player is okay with it. Otherwise, any such attempt fails automatically. I’ll also let players know ahead of time if these themes will be in my game or a particular session.
  • My games focuses on Exploration & Mystery. Probably too much.
  • I’m often by-the-book when it comes to rules, but this isn’t firm.
  • Character Death happens in my games. And can be permanent and instant.
  • I will use player ideas in games. Players often have the more diabolical ideas.
  • While I don’t usually encourage PvP, I don’t prevent it.
  • I don’t balance all encounters in my games to the character abilities. Certain decisions will leave characters with the choices of run or die.


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