Amalgamated Solutions International

ASI_Logo.pngElijah Sharpe founded Amalgamated Solutions International (ASI) in late 2000 to combat various occult threats uncovered during Sharpe’s time working with Task Force Valkyrie. It initially had strong links to the United States Military, but later relocated to a custom built facility in the heart of Philadelphia. Today, it is a private organization funded by several subsidiaries and silent investors.

Under Sharpe’s direction, several “advanced skills agents” were added to the agency shortly after its creation. These agents benefit from supernatural abilities, both innate and enhanced.

ASI is a well-known and respected organization that has excellent relations with many international hunter groups. Their facility in Philadelphia contains vast quantities of secret files and occult artifacts.


The following people work for ASI

Alex Lathem
Aaron Mathias
Captain (Retired) Grace Valentine
Elijah Sharpe


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The world is a stranger place than they can ever quantify.
The Union
The problem is more widespread, and turning a blind eye to what’s not in your backyard will only make things worse.

Amalgamated Solutions International

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