The Contingent

The Valley Of Unrest

Storyteller: Richard

The Valley Of Unrest

Hauntings in Washington D.C. are no new thing—but in the last month, sightings of ghosts in the city’s northwest quadrant have spiked dramatically. Joggers and tourists are avoiding Rock Creek Park during daylight hours, and people besides the usual drunks and crazies say they’ve seen the infamous Phantom Stagecoach of the M Street Bridge. Usually the stagecoach only shows up on nights when the moon is full…and it’s been seen by someone every night for the past week.

A corporate backer of the Contingent has asked us to find a contractor they hired to investigate the source of the hauntings—he disappeared several nights ago shortly after the stagecoach was sighted. Reach out to local contacts within our compacts and gather as much intel as you can beforehand so that you aren’t going in blind.


Major Clues

The stone-carved Masonic wards sealing shut the Avernian Gate on the M Street bridge were deliberately weakened during unpermitted maintenance by a contracted work crew. The existing wards were marred by a pattern of sinister key-shaped symbols.

The paper trail on just who hired this work crew was a complete dead-end: false names attached to an LLC called GesWorks that has seemingly dissolved and left behind no traceable information.

Representatives from the George Washington Masonic National Memorial sent a permitted crew to the site a few weeks prior to the rogue crew’s visit. They were clearly there to refurbish the carvings, so it seems unlikely that the D.C. Freemasons conspired with this other crew to weaken the wards.

The key symbols had also been carved into similar weakened wards over the entrances to the two realms of the Underworld that the hunters visited—Cholera and Phlegmos.


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