The Contingent

A key, a bird and other assorted symbols

God preserve us from crazy people

I arrived at the Cloverleaf Compound in Hill Valley, SC with a bit of
trepidation. It was my first mission with The Contingent. Susan Rourke had been stashed in a holding room under the compound having come running in the front a few days earlier yelling about some key and the Patron. When the six
Contingent agents when down to her cell to talk to her. After a crazy
discussion, part of the compound exploded Susan escaped out of a caved in wall. Thomas chased her down and followed her into the woods. She said she
had told us she was following the bird to the twins so she can kill the
snake and free the bear. A few of us got stopped by and had a chat with
Whim, the Fate Mage who tried to play games with us. But we were on a
mission. Susan got to the twins, which turned out to be a waterfall and
started a ritual that opened the wall behind the falls. At that point in
time, Miles, Taz and Mal joined Thomas to go help Susan. During this time Virgil and I had an interesting conversation with Tom Scarlett, the local Red Cap with a scary axe at the foot of a Life Tree on a local estate. Taz et al went into the cave after Susan only to run immediately out being
chased by some huge polluted water snake spirit that tried to kill them. It
about killed and possessed Mal, but Taz fought it off while Susan finished
her ritual killing the snake. Taz et al again piled into her Camaro and
drove down to me Virgil and I. As they got near, a big black Humvee careened out of the trees and tried to T-bone the car. After some wild heroics by
yours truly and Virgil the Hobo King, the crash was almost entirely abated.
But out popped three girls (with ta fourth still in the Humvee) yelling
something about them being the “Triple Threat” and we are about to get “boned.” What the hell is wrong with people these days? I think they need to go to church more. A crazy fight ensues in which I (against my better judgment and nature) attempt to physically assault one of these women and get decked 15ft across the yard, nearly killing me. That wasn’t natural. But Tom Scarlett came when my compatriots called for him and he helped us finish the fight. In the meantime Susan Rourke was injured and managed to get her blood on the tree which surprisingly healed the land of some sort of blight
it was experiencing. So all in all, an interesting experience. God preserve
me if something like that happens again.


barrelv Spice_Is_Life

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