Vampire Jack

ADHD psychopathic narcissist that became a Vampire


Vampire Jack isn’t the kind of guy to be noticed if he sits still. He’s 5’ 9" with a rough mane of blond hair. He has an athletic frame that hides his strengths well, as does his personality.

Jack goes about the world doing whatever he wants and making people forget that he was ever there. If his inconsistent behavior and unpredictable nature weren’t enough to make him dangerous, he also likes to work through proxies. Whether fighting him or his mechanization, Vampire Jack is just as likely to kill you as to ignore you. Which makes him exactly the kind of threat that the Contingent is here to deal with.


Contingent researchers have found that Vampire Jack was born as Jack G. Blaine Jr. in 1868. It is unclear when Jack’s sire, Ruthbert Sinclair, the Vampire Lord that was destroyed in the Satellite bombing, turned him. But even before then, Jack was a psychopath. Low in patience and impulse control but high on arrogant bravado and slef importance, his brute force approach worked against most people, especially once he brought he family’s money to bear. Then he became a vampire and his psychological problems got worse. It can only be assumed that vampire politics has made him socially adept in ways that seem contrary to his personality, but that’s only if you assume that he has only one.

Vampire Jack is insane. After a few run-ins a a profiler for the Contingent has put their best guess forward that he has ADHD, narcissism, likely Dissociative Identity Disorder, and a high dose of paranoia, possibly schizophrenic.

Once Jack manipulated a Contingent team to track down and confront another Vampire that was too powerful for him to intimidate on his own. Later on Jack attacked a Contingent team at a Contingent Safe-house and brought two Vampiricly enhanced hounds to assist. Last seen he was torturing Chester to death during a live online broadcast. It was pulled for objectionable content before he finished, and before anyone could track it back to its source, but everyone knows that Jack killed Chester and hates the Contingent.

It has become apparent that he has no concern for the consequences of his actions, as long as his objectives are fulfilled. Where he’ll show up next is anyone’s guess.

UPDATE 8/14/2015: Jack has been confirmed dead by Contingent operatives. Apparently the best way to fight a madman is with a shit-ton of dynamite. Who knew?

Vampire Jack

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