Shandi Caravello


Taller than average, with a slightly under weight appearance. Could be said to suffer from RBF, but a close look in her eyes reveals a caring person how has been beaten down in life


Shandi’s life was the definition of decent until her abduction: decent family and decent friends in a decent town. All that changed when she and her friends decided to celebrate the end of their sophomore year with a night out in Boston.

As the night went on, she started to see signs and warnings in the darkened widows of vehicles and store fronts. The faint cries of homeless man’s last words, the flash of gunfire and the thump of a body hitting pavement, all the things to avoid when all you have in your purse and pocket is twenty bucks and lip balm. Her friend’s thought she became a kill joy as the night went on, she knew that she helped them avoid danger the darkness reveled to her. Unfortunately, someone watched everything that happened that night.

A week later, a package arrived for Shandi and inside was a piece of polished obsidian framed in an inky frame. From that night on, she would gaze into the dark stone and observe the images and sounds she didn’t understand. She keep this vigil, learning to control what she saw, for a month, ignoring the concerns of her parents and friends as she secluded herself to her room when possible. That is, until she saw the monsters and the blood descend on her family. Before she could warn them, strangers broke into their house and two men bound her and bagged her head. She could only hear the cries and whimpers of her family around her as they were hauled into a vehicle. At some point they were separated. It felt like an eternity before they removed the hood. When they did, she wished they hadn’t. Her first sight was the spark of life leaving her parents’ eyes and the blood dripping from the lips of the vampires that drank them. That was when their leader, Anastasia, told her she was to being a new life with them. During the next five years, Anastasia trained and studied Shandi gift.

Compared to most of the other mortals Shandi met and dealt with, she could hardly complain about her treatment. Anastasia didn’t want to cause Shandi to lose her gift, so she fed sparingly and never used her powers on her. Shandi got to see and experience places and events that she’d only dreamt of seeing. Even if it was to help her get used to areas for her to use her scrying for Anastasia, there was a part of her that enjoyed being where she was in the beginning.

As she got older, she began to realize that she wasn’t a person, but a pet in a gilded cage. It hit her the day she convinced Anastasia that feeding from her would be a bad idea and the only other mortal was a little girl that lost her mother in the streets of downtown London. Seeing the life leave the girl’s eyes reminded her of that night with her parents. That is when she began looking for signs of escape in the darkness.

It didn’t take long. The missing child piqued the interest of some Hunters. Two of them were Remington and Domino. They raided the flat Anastasia owned and were quick, vicious, and thorough. They knew who all the vampires were and targeted them and left the rest to be detained. Most people might have been upset, but Shandi knew that this was her chance at freedom, beggars couldn’t be choosers. Domino was the one assigned to question her. That is when she told him everything. Something in his eyes told her he’d understand. When she finished, he told her about how other vampires murdered his own family. In each other they found someone that understood. Most hunters just experience monsters as supernatural animal attacks. They knew the terrifying fact that the monsters were all human once, which means they have the cruelty of humanity, the understanding of power and how to exploit it over others. Domino decided to take her under his wing. He never told anyone of Shandi’s gift.

For the next two years they were each others’ support and partner while trying to deal with supernatural terrors. That was until five months ago when Remington came back and told her what he found out about Domino and that he had killed him. He played video and audio tape of Domino taking to known vampire contacts and bringing other hunters to vampire lairs. Remington had his doubts about her, but she wasn’t going to play his game. She was done with him and need figure out what to do next. He obviously didn’t think either of them were clever enough to keep a bug out bag with access The Secret Frequency and a list of all the contacts Domino had in case they needed backups. The first month was going back home and finally saying goodbye to her family. That was when she remembered the all stories her parents had about following KISS on multiple tours. She was always a good singer, so she thought she do a tribute band for her parents doing R&B KISS covers. This also let her travel and earn money while she figured out her next move with The Contingent and all the portents the darkness still shows her.

Shandi Caravello

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