Sarah Hale

abused heir reclaimation story


Sarah_Hale_profiile_pic.jpg Sarah, daughter of an affluent Old Money socialite and business tycoon, was raised in Society and the boarding schools that were deemed proper for children of station. A lonely, naturally shy and awkward girl, she was drawn into serious studies as a kind of haven from the falseness that privilege often pairs with. In college, her incredible research abilities caught the attention of her professor, who quickly put her talent to less-than-usual lines of study. The time they spent together naturally lead into a love affair which they tastefully repressed until she was no longer his student, then had a respectful engagement and wedding.

The problems started almost immediately afterward, which isn’t an unusual story of itself – the kinds of abuse, was. Suddenly, her studies on the occult became frighteningly practical. One night, Sarah got ahold of the ritual atheme her husband-become-torturer used frequently and turned the tables.

She realized that magic was real, and so were monsters. From that lead, she researched until she came upon The Contingent. Now, she’s hoping to rescue others from having to go through what she did, by stopping the monsters hiding in the closet.

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Sarah Hale

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