Olaf "Mossburg"

A mountain of a man


Mossburg is a pleasent enough man. Which is good because someone his size could be intimidating. At 7 feet tall and over 300 pounds of muscle, Mossburg is a force to be reckoned with on his own, but he gets his moniker from Thelma and Louis, his twin sawed-off Mossburg shotguns. In light of this, perhaps it’s not so strange that no one corrected him when he named his beloved firearms after he read a newspaper article about, what he called, a famous outlaw couple.

Whenever on the hunt he is well prepared, at least as far as firepower is concerned. In addition to Thelma and Louis, he always carries a backup pistol, a machete, wooden stakes, and Pouches of silver dust. He somehow fits this arsenal into his long custom overcoat that he wears on every hunt.


Mossburg is an ex-police officer.

Olaf "Mossburg"

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