Kennedy Mason-Langer

Face-Kicking Choreographer from New York City


Kennedy Mason-Langer was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. From the time she could walk she knew she was meant to be a dancer. At 19 years old she got accepted into the NYC ballet. However, a run in with a vampire in the cast, cut her career with NYCB short.
So what does a dancer do when she can no longer dance? You choreograph. Although she didn’t produce anything major, she did have some success with a piece entitled “Leaf on the Wind”, which had a combat, science fiction vibe. She had created this piece specifically around her protégé Ophelia Fields.
Time with the Contingent:
Chester had approached Kennedy, in hopes that her social connections and forward personality would be useful to hunter teams going out in the field. In addition, in developing “Leaf on the Wind” she had developed a combat ballet style that proved useful in sticky situations.
She an Ophelia mostly worked with Ed, Alex, and Dr. Skaar, and the group was fairly successful in their assignments.
That was until the group was asked to look into an abandoned FDA facility in Idaho . The plant was full of Zombies, and when Kennedy separated herself from the group after a gun fight broke out, she was bitten. Dr. Skaar knowing that she would soon become infected decided it would be better to cut her throat.
Ophelia decided to stay on with the group after her mentors passing, but never forgave Dr. Skaar for what he did. After narrowly escaping Littleville with her life, she decided to break ties with the Contingent altogether.
Kennedy’s death left a mark on both Ed and Alex. Kennedy was a bright and vibrant presence, and the world seems a little darker now that she’s gone. But most importantly, no one will ever forget how much she loved her pink Jimmy Choos. kennedy_shoes.jpg


Kennedy died while working with the Contingent to destroy a secret lab in Idaho

Kennedy Mason-Langer

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