Jackson Carver III

New Constitution Party presidential candidate


Jackson Carver is a contender for the US Presidency. Since the death of his fellow running mate, George Young, Carver has taken up the mantle of presidential candidate for the New Constitution Party. Carver created a respectable amount of buzz with the popular media, and his face is now becoming ubiquitous with the upcoming election.

Questions have recently been asked in blogs and news reports about Carver’s fundraising activities. Reporters and pundits alike seemed to think that he is unusually well funded for a candidate who represents a completely new political party. A few political writers have even speculated cheating and wrong doing on Carver’s part. The New Constitution Party is extraordinarily media and Internet savvy, and their own pundits and talking heads have successfully shouted down and quickly dismissed any inquiries about Mr. Carver’s political financing; however, Contingent operatives have recently confirmed that Carver is being funded by an oil cartel lobbying firm that engages in racketeering and extortion.


The Contingent knows that Carver has some ties to Project Chimera, but he has been successful at painting himself as a humble former lobbyist turned Washington outsider looking out for the little guy. Last year, he was implicated and then cleared of a scandal involving an environmental group that has been since branded as domestic terrorists.

With the scandal behind him, Carver has hit the airwaves and print media with a sense of urgency. He appears semi -regularly on Fox News, as well as CNN, MSNBC and a few other cable new networks as both a presidential candidate and political commentator. He has also invested a fortune in billboards and newspaper ads to reach his intended audience.

In 2015, Contingent operatives found evidence tying Carver to a group of paramilitary mercenaries for hire that conducted operations in Colorado and Missouri to eliminate Carver’s political opponents and bolster the liquidity of one of his top campaign donors. Carver also boasted to Ed McLaughlin that one of his operations was directly responsible for the death of Ed’s sister.

Jackson Carver III

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