Guillermo "Guy" Cortas

Sexy Security Guard


Guillermo is a tall,. muscular Brazillian man. His skin always looks like he just spent the day at the beach. Guy is always meticulously dressed in his ASi security uniform. He is always armed, When not on duty, he is always fashionably dressed. He’s also one of those guys that just always smells amazing.


Guy worked at the Musée de la Macabre. After Elijah Sharpe purchased the museum, he made an offer to Guillermo to stay on as Head of Security for a substantial raise. More money and he can keep his job? Of course he said, “Si”. He takes his job very seriously. He used to believe the items he guarded were a bunch of “creepy junk”. After two run-ins with dangerous hauntings that were stopped by The Contingent, he’s now less of a skeptic. Guy remains professional at all times. He has a member of The Union as well as an ASI employee.

Guy moved here from Brazil for an older, wealthy man. It didn’t work out as these things tend not to. Guy became a police officer. Why he left the force is unclear. However, if you need someone with some knowledge of the law or security systems, Guy is your…guy.

Guillermo "Guy" Cortas

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