Gina Tarantino

Best Damn Psychic From the Tri-State Area


Gina is not an employee you’d expect when visiting the headquarters of Elijah Sharpe. From her long red fingernails, leopard print clothing, stilettos, and loud nasally Long Island accented voice, there is nothing quiet about Gina. However, Elijah has yet to meet anyone who matches her sensitivity when it comes to the supernatural. Gina is the real deal, an actual psychic. When she’s not contacting the spiritual world she can be found at the spa or making some chicken parm for her family.

Gina was mutilated by Vampire Jack on the company cruise. Thanks to the members of the contingent, she is expected to make a full recovery. She thanks everyone for their help and says, “Don’t worry. The girls will be back, bigger and better than ever!”


Gina’s family has been plagued by the Supernatural for generations. Her great-grandmother Angie belonged to a group of occultists called The Miskatonic Society back in the 1920’s. Gina’s mother blamed Gina’s “ability” on Angie and the things she was “dabbling in”.

Gina has worked with Elijah since the 1990’s. He met her while he was working a case at Coney Island. She was working there as one of those Guess Your Age/Weight game runners. Her bosses loved her because she always guessed correctly and brought in lots of money because of her flirtatious nature and skintight clothing. It was at Coney Island that she also met her husband who was an up and coming soldier in one of local “families”.

Elijah and Gina drifted apart in the early 2000’s when Gina had her children. After they grew moved out she dealt with her empty nest syndrome by joining ASI. After an incident in Rome, where Gina almost sacrificed herself to end a battle between the fae and a Holy Order of vampires, she tried to quit ASI. However, Elijah and the FBI made her family an “offer they couldn’t refuse” – relocate to the west coast and start over. So Gina is settling into San Francisco and heading up the newest ASI office in The Haight.

Gina Tarantino

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