Franklin "Frank" Wilkes

Engineer gone hunter


Frank is known in the Contingent for his quirky and exacting ways. He always wears a white short-sleeved dress shirt with a fully loaded pocket protector, black slacks, tie, crew cut hair, horn-rimmed glasses and an outdated brief case. His look never changes, even when he is on a mission. He packs an egg salad sandwich and apple in his brief case, among other things that he keeps under wraps. It is rumored within the Contingent that you never touch his sandwich. It’s a weird ritual for him.


Frank was a gifted engineer at a prestigious architectural firm in Phoenix. Tragedy struck his family, and suddenly he was left alone with a burning hatred in his heart for anything supernatural. He does not talk about his past, and seems to carry a tragic air. However, he is very devoted to his new profession – hunting. In his normal life, he telecommutes, taking job contracts when things are quiet. He is obsessed with finding the murderers who killed his family in his free time.

Frank fosters a deep hatred of anything in the unnatural scheme of things, and he is also devoted to his Contingent team. The team is his family, and he firmly believes that family must always be protected. Frank is not a man to be on the defense, though. He feels if you’re going to protect your family, you must be proactive. In Frank’s world, you’re on the offense at all times.

Franklin "Frank" Wilkes

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