Stoner Mage


“I got them finger powers, yo.”

“I’m loaded up on stuff the human tongue can’t pronounce! It’s keepin’ my wizard eyes open, man; my mind is sailing astral seas.”

“I’ve got the juice, the problem is you. You’re so caught up on what is, that your mind shuts down what could be.”

Powers Demonstrated: telepathic communication, semi-real illusions.


In Let’s Dance, Forest was waiting on the island for the players. He was recruited by a shadowy organization (Empire Foundation) to save the world. Those three words were all that’s all that was needed to get him on board. The players were the ones that informed him of who he was working for. There, he worked as their Q, he telepathically linked them together and was able to create partially real illusions of modern equipment that they could utilize on the fly.


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