Dr. Berg von Hamner

Mad Scientist


Wheelchair-bound German expat and biotech genius.


Alias “Dr. Hamburger”. Dr. Berg Von Hamner was once one of the most respected scientists working on Project Chimera. A visionary genius in his fields of study, neuropsychology and biochemistry, Von Hamner developed technologies designed to create the perfect super soldier: a being indistinguishable from a human in terms of heuristic capability and brain processing but specifically bioengineered to consume no resources, save raw electricity generated by etheric turbine confluxation (another technology developed by Project Chimera, and one of their most closely-guarded secrets).

Von Hamner’s research was difficult to replicate, however. Control groups were often small or nonexistent due to the specific biological markers required for experimentation, and one is frequently limited by the volunteerism of one’s population. In his desperation to finalize a working prototype, the doctor used a complex cocktail of sedatives and hypnotic drugs to force some subjects into compliance with his least orthodox methods. Although the erstwhile volunteers’ signed waivers indemnified Dr. Von Hamner against any legal action, Project Chimera dismissed him from its employment and paid him the least generous severance his contract would permit. (Ironically, had Von Hamner dodged the disciplinary tendrils of the Project’s administrators for just a bit longer, he would have thrived in the work environment offered by Operation GESTALT. Alas, such was not to be…)

Using his severance benefits and a slew of well-informed investments in biomedical research futures, Dr. Von Hamner purchased a grand estate in rural Maryland and set up his lab from scratch. In just a few months, he had perfected his prototype. The doctor continued to push his research further, until at last he had a highly marketable product, and one far more suited to his personal proclivities than a mere warrior: the perfect lover, now available in compliant.

Patrons of Dr. Von Hamner’s work, intimately involved with the project and eager to test the first round of results, flocked to his manor to attend a soiree where he unveiled the technology and allowed them hands-on access to the second wave of prototypes. But Von Hamner overlooked a fatal flaw in his design.

When their new masters arrived, Berg Von Hamner’s dolls hungered for raw life force, as Prometheans frequently do. Most of his party guests did not survive. The sex bots were only stopped by the efforts of Contingent operatives working in concert with fellow unconventional conventionist Santiago Trejo. Von Hamner committed suicide with an antimatter ray gun shortly after his creations turned on his guests.

Dr. Berg von Hamner

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