Claire Carver

Jackson Carver's Wife


Claire is a picture perfect politician’s wife. She’s poised, elegant, charming, and has a way of making you feel like the most important person in the room. She’s always dressed stylishly yet conservative. She carries herself as someone well acquainted with the finer things in life. One might say she comes from old money. Ever a lady, she never has one blonde hair out of place and never makes a social faux pais. Her and Jackson make such a handsome couple.


Jackson and Claire have been married for 12 years. They met at a friend’s Cotillion and the sparks were undeniable. Thrilled at the pairing, their parents encouraged their courtship. Claire has been the constant steady in Jackson’s life, always the dutiful and obedient wife.

Modern Love

On the outside they appear to have a fairy tale romance but it’s come to the attention of The Contingent that this is a facade. Claire approached members of The Contingent asking for help. She revealed that Carver is abusive and she uses mystical wards to protect herself from his physical attacks. The Contingent members went with her to Paris to help her retrieve a protective item she said Carter sold to a French crime lord.

Claire Carver

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