Alistair Thorne

Eccentric millionaire rock star


Alistair is thin and relatively short but his platinum blonde spiky hair gives the illusion that he’s taller. His style would best be described as dapper goth. He wears a barbell through his nose, has three labret piercings, and hoops up both earlobes. He has light blue eyes and very pale skin. He speaks fluent French.


Alistair made his millions in Silicon Valley. Always a bit on the eccentric side, he used his money to open a museum in The Haight that houses his collection of strange, morbid, and rumored to be haunted items. He’s very interested in the supernatural. When he’s not collecting creepy things he’s often playing local bars with his band, The Wanking Dead.

At first Alistair resented The Contingent for convincing him not to see his museum to Jackson Carver. However, after Carver’s assassination and the reveal of his involvement in so many horrible things, Alistair knew he’d made the right choice. He was a bit leery when Elijah Sharpe approached him about purchasing the building and all of its artifacts. When Sharpe told him that he would maintain the collection for him and hire him on as ASI’s social media manager, Alistair quickly agreed.

He’s not found on site very often, but he freely offers his knowledge of the city and its artists to help ASI.

Alistair Thorne

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